How to speak Volcan

Swarms and storms, satanic rings, things Jeff Bealzebub brings, steam and screams, lava streams building castles in the air.

Volcan looked that way. To me they are all different now, I see their songlines and know how the tunes they play each forking day and signalling the way they are pointing out to me. Pointing out The Day.

I hear the stones cry different now, their battle lines and with them snow, quakes and things continua brings as too, the tornado.

Sequence 1

The earth was formed for man to live in. Its blanket of firmament is as thick as 30 inches of mercury, yet was not just designed to to separate freezing rain from warm pleasant pastures but as a vehicle that allows flying creatures to cross continents, showing us the ways. It also houses the means for god to take advantage of our ability to command our environment. In this outer layer we can build our fires right up to the edge of nothingness.

In it, the gathering storms show us the way to steer to distant shores, even if we lack more practical guides such as compasses and charts.

Originally surmising that the upper layers were intended to be a cold layer, we had, by the late Renaissance learned that there was only a finite amount of usable sky. But like our sea, this sky was far too vast to be polluted until we had learned that the rivers could be polluted, even the tidal reaches of them, bathed with 10 to 30 feet of water twice a day.

And by the late Nineteenth Century we began to have a gleaming idea there is some limit to infinity, for which we can thank Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain as well as the earlier philosophers from Newton to Du Châtelet. But even by the time of that most gifted scientist: FitzRoy, we were still of the opinion that all air masses formed the same vortices and we named their eyes Meteors.

Today the understanding has given way to different connotations but up to the present there was no man who could give a concise understanding of what was going on in Meteorology. It is really quite a simple menu (or recipe or as I came to use the saying: “Spell“.) Whether or not these words are true, I can only say suck it and see, they seem to work for me within the limits that the mathematical equations necessary for science to look at them is beyond my ability. I am dyscalculiac and these day too, suffer with dyslexia, due to a stroke.

Sequence 2

The sword of god can be seen in the Indian/Pacific Ocean. For want of a better name I have called it a scimitar but it looks more like the weapon Sampson used, I presume his was an actual jaw from an ass but it also resembles a Kukri or, rather 3 Kukri; swords with teeth that spin like a Bolas eternally.

Another blade is seen along the coast of South America, there is a three bladed Manx Swastika flashing the live long day with its centre in Indonesia. There is a less visible line somewhere along the extremity for the tips of these Jehovah-Swords, roughly thirty degrees South which cuts along the Southern Ocean.

This is the best place to start describing beginning of the circle; the reel of the angels, god’s guardian message that stood over the entrance to Eden.


At the tip of the three southern continents, from time to time, appear the earthquakes that control the seiche that sets in motion the subterranean tides that establish the Ocean Conveyor

When a suitably sized earthquake strikes in the southern ocean (the usual size is from 5.5M. to 6M. but I don’t know the limits of the requirements) the places normally “hit” are south east of the tips of: South America, Africa and Australia. At the time of writing, the present spell has hit the Indian Ocean thus we will find recent records of such a quake off Madagascar.

M 5.4 – Southwest Indian Ridge 8 February 2019 03:11 (UTC) 32.8°S 57.1°E

This quake gave birth to Tropical Storms Funani and Gelina

More recently there has been a rather insignificant quake M 4.7 – 145km SW of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand. I believe this to have helped cause the Tropical Storm Neil, which will supply news of a severe eruption around the 12th/13th February 2019. If, as I suspect, it brings an eruption it will prove to be a first for me and likely to lead to the art of volcano chasing. discusses the refraction inside an object inside a field, in this case a grape in a microwave. I considered that if the same thought was applied to the force composed of the sound of the atmosphere of a planet then at some stage a chasm in a mountain on the side of that planet could be induced to resonance.

Extending that idea; I considered that the various series of simultaneous eruptions would be explained by the harmonics shared and even amplified between different volcanoes on the same harmonic

And now to find out if this new format is worth persevering with

Time2019-02-06 03:54:22 (UTC)Location32.378°S 179.961°W


Every so often I do a NEW THINGS LEARNED

I am back on Gab, I hope they will be a little more discerning about the type of racism and prostitution that they housed there in the previous iteration. I need to remove the cross/posting to Twitter I am slowly dispensing with my Google account too. I am not happy with Buddylist but they seem to be Good Enough so to speak. You can’t expect perfection when you have never experienced it.

Just in case I manage to pick up new followers or the old ones have forgotten: I suffered a stroke a year or so back and it plays havoc with my spelling and object recognition. There was nothing more off putting to me than bad spelling on blogs back in my past. This plague of tired attentions is bringing me up to date. And I know I don’t have time to waste.

I recently made the connection with Complex Lows, a feature of the North Atlantic that has never been explained. It is caused by the plethora of earthquakes that recently stuck the region south of Cape Horn in the South Atlantic. There are three or four major jump-start points in the Southern Oceans that dictate which oceans get what storms by interfering with the Ocean Conveyor.

It is something to do with Jump States in fluid mechanics applied to vapour lock. Not that I can follow much of this, I just know where it is going:


Click to access VVHsolver6.pdf

The Ocean Conveyor is the Ocean Current of the planet. Until recently it was controlled by God’s Holy Angels but since about the time of Donald Rumsfeld, control of the Project Ultra and roughly from the time of the Clinton Administration with the Waco, Texas affair/scandal when the secret police of both the Canadian and USAmerican governments stole the work of John Huchinson, it was in the hands of the demons.

This led to developments in the Dustification Project by which, over the course of several months the three New York Port Authority buildings were picked up by a tropical storm in the morning of 9 September 2001 and fed to the fishes in the North Atlantic over the course of the following few days.

Obviously only one or two experts were willing to go on record against the might of all the secret services of all the member states of NATO and unknown to the rest of humanity except perhaps the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the rest of the United Nations too.

Little wonder that it took so long for President Trump to come out of the closet. It took the military might of the USA to convince him it could be done. And they nearly dropped him six time as far as we know.

I never thought it could be done so it never occurred to me that I was being duped with the full weight of all the meteorological agencies of the world conspiring to hide the fact that the planet is being run by murderers who, blinded themselves by their own beliefs are only considering the profit margins..

…don’t realise they are performing the final act of Revelation chapters 8 and 9.

SuperQuakes do not occur with Tropical Storms Search and see there has only ever been the one in all human history.

As for Complex Lows, they don’t stay long anywhere on the North Atlantic but this thing has been a Standing Wave in the sea between Greenland and Iceland for weeks. Has anyone ever remarked about such miraculous marvels?

Not as far as I am aware.,52.98,289


1st November 2018

Watch this development: It is a white Tee shaped weather front with its root in the Caribbean blue Antilles. The white or pale green is the dustification. Such a project takes not only the waters of the surface it carries the salt with it as well. Normally salt is released from the water cycle but this stuff is intended to go into the outer atmosphere.

Small wonder the ice is disappearing from the Arctic. Oddly there is a reason for the it is caused by 4 or 5 molecules of carbon dioxide. As Everybody Knows!

When the secular authorities of Rome invaded the Palestinian provincial state of Iudea under Titus

Prior to becoming emperor, Titus gained renown as a military commander, serving under his father in Judea during the First Jewish–Roman War. The campaign came to a brief halt with the death of emperor Nero in 68, launching Vespasian’s bid for the imperial power during the Year of the Four Emperors. When Vespasian was declared Emperor on 1 July 69, Titus was left in charge of ending the Jewish rebellion. In 70, he besieged and captured Jerusalem, and destroyed the city and the Second Temple. For this achievement Titus was awarded a triumph: the Arch of Titus commemorates his victory to this day.

During his father’s rule, Titus gained notoriety in Rome serving as prefect of the Praetorian Guard, and for carrying on a controversial relationship with the Jewish queen Berenice. Despite concerns over his character, Titus ruled to great acclaim following the death of Vespasian in 79, and was considered a good emperor by Suetonius and other contemporary historians.

As emperor, he is best known for completing the Colosseum and for his generosity in relieving the suffering caused by two disasters, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 and a fire in Rome in 80. After barely two years in office, Titus died of a fever on 13 September 81. He was deified by the Roman Senate and succeeded by his younger brother Domitian.

Some ancient history:

As emperor, he is best known for completing the Colosseum and for his generosity in relieving the suffering caused by two disasters, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 and a fire in Rome in 80.

And surprise surprise Vesuvius is a Complex Volcano

Complex Lows Vesuvius

And so are the ones cause by these complex Lows:


2nd November 2018


3rd November 2018

By their fruits you will know them!


4th November 2018


6th November 2018


7th November 2018


8th November 2018


9th November 2018

That is up to the time of writing and this stuff will be appearing at a disaster near you until honest and brave men do something about it just like the Romans did in Palestine removing all the civilians harbouring the terrorists. To this day the land belongs to the Palestinians despite what the United Nations are forcing them to swallow.

There is a little quoted scripture reassuring the honest Muslims and goodhearted Christians and even the Hamitic/Semite Jews that the sons of that place will hang onto it for dear life. This space reserved for an appropriate scripture

The Samaritan Religion which stemmed from Jeroboam’s efforts at alienating the ten tribes from Jehovah’s worship


7 November 2018

Volcanoes Today, 7 Nov 2018: Dukono

I bet that was a biggun 7th November 16:02 New Moon
12th 02:21 21.4° S
13th 14:04 Descending Node
14th 15:57 Apogee
15th 14:54 First Quarter


12 Nov, 18:00 120 hrs 11.0 S 51.4 E 30 kts TD To 120 hrs To 120 hrs N/A

Look for swarms including a large quake as Alcide dies.

The Southern Ocean doesn’t concern me as it might I generally look only at the Northern Hemisphere with this globe:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As the cloud-tops darken so the incidence of vapour trails increases and so we are warned by the angels to prepare for storms and eruptions. I forsee a bad moon rising.

It is so with the Southern Oceans:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the Hawaiian charts highlight contra rotation the takes place with retrograde stars.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As the Cyan increases so does the smoothness and thus the incidence of vapour lock. If you pay attention to these charts you can gauge the likely times of greatest impacts.

It has been a few hours since the last earthquake approaching the magnitude of a gale: 5.5M. 106km SSE of `Ohonua, Tonga, 6 November 2018. @ 16:11 UTC. I dare say it will be at least 30 of them before the next eruption.


Again the Atlantic appears the most active. Imagine flashing swords not tremors!

The American is showing potential for a tornado if the Greenlander becomes an High.


Which it does, on and off, all week. I rather think these Complex Lows are focussed elsewhere though:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This YUGE High in the Arctic (1043 mllibars) adjacent a deep Low over Greenland (961 millibars) is likely to give us a large earthquake or some memorable Swarms with volcanic eruptions, some 80 degrees from somewhere (or other or 90 from where the 1016 mb line is nearest both?)

What is on a arc some 90 degrees from western Iceland?


No! Look how many eyes it is spawning:

947_100 2

We may get something on the 10th but the complexiums are all Chinese to me:

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Did you notice that in the last post the NAEFS failed just before the eruption of Dukono?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I dare say it will beat:

Based on satellite data, wind model data, and notices from PVMBG, the Darwin VAAC reported that during 30-31 October ash plumes from Dukono rose to an altitude of 2.1 km (7,000 ft) a.s.l. and drifted W and N.

but I am biased against the Linux haters.

The cold winds do blow and we shall have snow what will James Clapper do then, satan’s creature?

He’ll creep from Jeff’s Sessions as he has been warned and watch the survivors pay for his future:



How long can this go on?


8 November 2018. 14:28 for 90 seconds I heard a whistle that was stronger than the sizzling  I hear pretty nearly all the time in volcano spells. It faded back into the rest of the noise, leaving the impression of continua. Also the hissing has become more noticeable somehow.

I have heard a couple more to 19:19 must be an all fire afternoon or I am delusional.

Let me guess, this is a complex volcano too: 8 Nov 2018: Reventador I guess I will be spending the coming year rewriting all my blogs.

Volcanoes Today, 9 Nov 2018: Sabancaya volcano and reports are coming on the 10th: Ebeko volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: ERUPTION AT 20181109/2252Z FL100 EXTD SE REPORTED OBS VA DTG: 09/2250Z

Volcanic activity worldwide 10 Nov 2018: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Krakatau, Dukono, Reventador,…

I think they call this a prial. Three in a row is a flush but in Brag a triangle of threes takes the pot for storms.

Previously I told you to watch the southern ocean for the development of a volcano (Alcide) this was before I grasped that the Complex Lows give rise to complex volcanoes, so it is any man’s guess what this system is Designed to do. Watch how the contra rotation occurs with some part of these lows separating, it is really interesting:

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Watch this triple High over North America from Tuesday it develops, almost magically, into one of the deepest lows in the North Atlantic by Thursday. Can where it breaks the trail on the 1st Qtr tell us anything?

Let’s see how long it takes to tell us more from the Southern Ocean:

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How did I know it was going to do that before I looked (I was too tired to look at the charts yesterday. It was all I could do to capture them. My brain was full of squirrels.)


So a Complex Low gives unity to the Southern Ocean?

Is that a Trump?

I just has to be showing us more. But what?


The largest quakes here are on a Great Circle is that a coincidence?

All the way from the Southen Ocean?

Aye, right. Ha. But that doesn’t mean I know what it all means. WHOHoa! Look at this thing.


Where is it going and more important where is it leaving?

Yjis thing is a mirror of what the NorthAtlantic looked like not long ago:


This is just too much for me to cover at once. I have to get hold of it, print it, think about it and get some sleep all at the same time but it is obviously the work of a cartel, so what whoever needs to do is follow the bankrupt property markets.

Volcanoes Today, 11 Nov 2018: Fuego volcano, Popocatépetl, Reventador, Turrialba, Sangay, Sabancaya, Langila Look at the line of Highs:


Darren Prescott first started using the term Complex Low in his commentaries of the day’s weather on The first time the Google search returns it was 5 January 2012. Coincidentally, his computer was hit the day before so there was a complex volcanic eruption I guess. It was an active year but I can’t find his one: Sort through them for yourself. Try Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcanic complex, Patagonia.

Volcanoes Today, 12 Nov 2018: Reventador volcano IIRC this was a complex one too. Dukono volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: CONTINUOUS VA EMISSION TO FL060 EXT NNE EST VA DTG: 13/2215Z

So this is what the Complex Low looks like to the NAEFS:

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Guess which wettest place on earth is going to get a soaking?


And just in case you have forgotten what a Complex Low looks like in the North Atlantic:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Popocatepetl is indicative of the process of production of lava. You can’t see any trace of rotation in cloud formation, as clouds accept the physics of the environment immediately but as fall out, it is distributed as it arrives. The concentric rings of this image indicate rotation as with a vortex:


Volcanoes Today, 13 Nov 2018: Kadovar volcano

My internet connection was disrupted last night. I fell asleep although I heard nothing alarming. Tiredness is a symptom of volcanic activity but obviously the least inspiring.

I am still getting a report of painful ear popping from  a friend in Venezuela so whatever else it is it is interesting. I am glad it was someone else though because I have experienced pain from them and it is about as unpleasant as it gets.

13 Descending Node 14:04. What’s a descending node?
14 Apogee 15:57 Venus-Spica 1.5°S 23:23 Can these interact?
15 First Quarter 14:54
16 Moon-Mars: 1.1° N 04:16 These can; in fact the Hawaiian charts light up all over the place.

What is the betting Fuego is a complex volcano system, they seem to dominate all the geo-phenomena when the Complex Low hits and the Icelandic Low sits snugly on the shelf of North America:


Volcanic activity worldwide 14 Nov 2018: Fuego volcano, Krakatau, Dukono, Reventador, Sangay, Sakura-jima…

And more to come:

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I don’t suppose many people know what this is doing:


The spell is over on the 15th so I will keep it till then. But I am only guessing, anyway. I will point out that the Ross ice is on the right hand side half way down the graphic or half way up, if you are that way inclined. Tis darnundah after all.

I reckon that  either Duko or Sakuro-jima are the the one that blows on Friday but I suppose Krakatau is just as likely.


On Friday, 16 November 2018 02:18:10 UTC, Weatherlawyer wrote:
> I don’t know! …
> Sack a bunch of useless duffers or worse: Treasoners, this happens:
> One has to revert to the less ostentatious but thankfully javascript free of tosh original Martin Rowley FAQs.
> How is the old fart?
> Darren Prescott annals:
> If anyone has a In with The Donal can you ask him about Darren, please?
> On Wednesday, 19 October 2016 23:18:29 UTC+1, Weatherlawyer wrote:
> > On Sunday, 26 December 2004 05:58:18 UTC, Darren Prescott wrote:
> > > Here is a summary of the latest NWP output for noon on Thursday. Issued
> > > 0557z, Boxing Day 2004.
> > >
> > > The outlook is zonal for the forseeable future. High ground in northern
> > > areas may see some snow from time to time as colder air moves swiftly
> > > eastwards, but for much of the UK it looks like a generally mild and wet
> > > spell coming up.
> > >
> > > ECMWF:
> > > Strong westerlies cover the UK as the result of lows to the north and a high
> > > extending from the Azores to the Alps. High pressure builds over SW England
> > > at T+144, resulting in lighter westerlies and SW’lies for much of the UK,
> > > before a trough moves in from the west to bring SW’lies and westerlies at
> > > T+168.
> > >
> > > MetO:
> > > The Met Office run shows a westerly flow across the UK, with a weak ridge
> > > over England and Wales. The winds become stronger westerlies at T+144 as a
> > > trough moves eastwards towards the UK.
> > >
> > > GFS:
> > > A weak ridge lies to the west of the UK, with westerlies and NW’lies as a
> > > result. 850hPa temperatures vary from -5C over Scotland and Northern Ireland
> > > to +4C over SW England. SW’lies cover the UK at T+144 as the ridge moves
> > > away to the east, followed by westerlies at T+168. Westerlies continue to
> > > affect the UK on days 8 and 9, with WSW’lies on day 10.
> > >
> > > GEM:
> > > The Canadian run shows a large high over Iberia and westerlies across the
> > > UK. The winds become NW’lies at T+144 as a weak ridge moves eastwards.
> > >
> > > GME/DWD:
> > >
> > > As with the other runs, high pressure lies to the south of the UK, this time
> > > bringing westerlies for all.
> > >
> > > JMA:
> > > The JMA is yet another run showing westerlies for all with a strong zonal
> > > flow over the UK.
> > >
> > > NOGAPS:
> > > NOGAPS shows mild westerlies for all, again with a large high to the south.
> > >
> > > GM CPTEC:
> > > Westerlies cover the UK, with a deep low west of Norway.
> > >
> > > KMA:
> > > The Korean run also shows westerlies for all.
> >
> > I do hope Darren wasn’t eaten by wolves.
> I rather believe he was. Or Vampires. Who was runn…. Ah dickhead cheyne. Yes, they gottim. So why was I spared?
> > > zonal for the forseeable future
> > > High ground in northern areas may see some snow
> This meant a complex Low produced volcanic eruption this just the one making the front page then. I recall that there was such a thing was it in the Philippines?
> > > high extending from the Azores to the Alps. High pressure builds over SW England at T+144
> If god spare me and I have the time I shall post all the updates to these links that I can find in tribute to the one seen fit to fell.
> > > KMA: The Korean run also shows westerlies for all.
> And of course …What was I going to say here?
> Something about the North Korean settlement, no doubt.
> Manam[VEI 4] Papua New Guinea 2004 I am pretty sure there was another one around the time of the SuperQuake. So the death penalty for the quake included Darren did it?
> In November 2004, a major eruption forced the emergency evacuation of over 9,000 inhabitants of the island. The eruption began October 24 but was not seen as a major threat until the wind changed pushing ash and debris towards inhabited areas. Five people died during the eruption. On December 11, the threat was downgraded due to a reduction in activity.

Beautiful. He would have loved this:,52.98,289


That’s me finished with WordPress. I can’t make any sense of the new controls. I am off to Altervista where i presume I still have a choice of what miserable wretchedness i choose to print