Transferring stock. …

No Spell Check. I miss that from Firefox. I suppose I can post here from Firefox. That's a bit cheeky, though.:irked:

I have a sadly neglected site on MSN that is going down the Swanee if I don't migrate it. So I think I will put some of the better articles on here. I have until February. It might be better to start another page for that as it is more specialised.

I don't really know my way around here yet, so I will do what I can as I can.

I want to get rid of a tag I chose for one of my posts.
I want to find out how to get mouseovers in smilies.
I want to know if we can put marquees on here.
And lots of other silly, inconsequential stuff that I sometimes doodled with on MSN.

One thing I won't miss is its idiosyncracies. You could post straight from Open Office if you wanted to but if you posted from Microsoft Office, it spread bad code all over your WYSIWYG.

Another problem I won't miss is the inability to copy and paste links. Some -even to other M$ sites, would just show up as javascript errors.

Not that this place is perfect. You can't just drag and drop for one thing. You have to either drag, drop and edit or highlight, cut and paste.


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