Even More Wierd.

Would you send a recorded message to a 70 year old man, telling him you had sexual relations with his grandaughter?

The BBC would.

It did. …

I thought the treason that was meted out to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in a public broadcast was bad enough but I can't understand why two raunchy BBC presenters thought it was funny to offend a 70 year old with a filthy message telling him they had had sexual relations with his granddaughter.

Is it funny? Am I a prude? What sort of drugs do you need to be on to do that and call it entertainment?

The BBC calls it a "prank".

A prank is a practical joke. Practical jokes are always a dangerous sort of joke but usually for the victims alone. This time it would be nice to hear the bullies are penalised with a bit more than having to script an apology.

He said "you mustn't swear on someone's answer phone", but added it was "funny".

I hope he finds it funny when the directors tell him he will never work for them again and sack the shows producers too. How likely is that? I think it more likely they will make more out of it because of the publicity than they can possibly lose.

The BBC was taken over by the Labourtory regime after the WMD – Death of an Expert Witness fiasco and as part of the US/UK – Iraq war plans. It was abysmal before but the programme output can not become much dumber if they researched how to make it so.

Well that's me vented. Pity that's the end of it.

Here's a bit of history to picture the sad demise of British standards:

You can understand how a culture that allows someone to drive over children and get away with murder breeds its own destruction. I am all for giving the benefit of the doubt and mercy and all that but there are limits. This sick culture seems not to have any of those.

The merit of the BBC originally is that is was set up to exemplify the highest standards. Personally I doubt there was ever such a thing. After all the ultimate Edwardian Gentleman when the BBC was set up, was an adulterer and a vicious sport.

Under the Post Office Regulations all non printed or written messages required a government licence. It's why we have the word "station" as applied to Railway, Radio and TV Stations.

I wonder where the word licentious comes from. His Majesty King Edward VII, perhaps? Funny how the circle turns isn't it?

And the future. We have organised crime in Britain and in the UK as in Russia. Part of the ecology of the underworld is that you can not lose face even if the innocent get killed in the process. (Well it is a criminal fraternity after all.)

The thing is that with crime revenge is often the only way to get closure.

How much closure do you suppose the Iraqis are going to get under future US, UK or Iraqi governments? Do they believe in the ultimate laws of revenge I wonder? An eye for an eye?

Eye rather think they do.


2 thoughts on “Even More Wierd.

  1. I watched Jonathon Ross call a volutuous TV chef a MILF some time ago. She graciously accepted the compliment but it did stun her.He seems capable of getting away with the most childishly spoilt behaviour in the name of humour.But then I have never thought he was funny.Maybe it's just me.

  2. Correction.Maybe I should have watched the video on you tube. I wouldn't want to though.Mr Sachs (Manuel in Fawlty Towers) is 78 year old and was told that Russel Brand (the scruffy, foul mouthed one) had had his grand-daughter.If anyone in a decent profession did that, how long would it be before they were sacked? It would mean immediate suspension if they didn't resign, if they were in the medical profession or the police force.I can't imagine working on a building site or somewhere like that would allow you to get away with such things without some recrimination of whatever sort.What else is there? Could they get away with it if they kept pigs and ate with them? I can't imagine a profession so low as to allow that sort of thing. I really can't.Oh yes I can now, I have had time to think about it:http://my.opera.com/Weatherlawyer/blog/2008/10/28/oh-the-shame

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