Feeling down

Google Groups are not refreshing. I need my fix. …

I publish compulsively on Google Groups. I belong in the Kook category. I have seriously far out ideas about the way that the moon and sun relationship causes our weather and things like earthquakes.

I lit on a rather lonely Usenet group that gets virtually no attention and started using it as my blog space. And keep it up to date with geo-phenomena events such as the recent 3.2 earthquake that Hereford is reported to have had (but which does not appear on the NEIC list at the time of writing. They do update, from time to time, pages that have passed into history.)

So here I am bursting with news about floods in Yemen and Britain and there they are… not refreshing. I need my fix.

I tried getting on with a server called Weather_Banter but they wouldn't accept my sign in details. I tried another place but they want my sign in details too, to send me new sign in details.

I tried to update a post on my Opera Blog yesterday and it would not accept the update. I haven't been able to get Microsoft Updates for a long time. And yesterday I got told I had several virus/trojan whatevers.

So I spent the evening in Safe Mode (no internet) running scans. I got rid of a lot of cookies (by pressing the wrong button -no lasting harm) and reset the handling to "custom" (reject third party cookies.)

All my own fault. I found the Chinese National Weather Office (CMA – Chinese Meteorological Assomething or other. DO NO GO THERE!!!!!!!)

Dopey here went there with JavaScript enabled. I can't wait for the next load of spam for passion pills.
Lesson learned: Switch Off JavaScript if you don't need it for a safe web site.

Presumably my computer is now clean. I had to sign in again here just now as I had cleared the cache. And lo, my blog had been updated. So that is that for now.

The world must learn to rotate without my input helping to get around its problems.

Now I find that this post is not appearing on my page. Nice one!


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