Oh the shame

Of England's green unpleasant land. …

Oh what a country England has become, we laugh at Americans and their god the gun but oh what a country mine has become.

Once we'd a law that the police must declare every detainee they held why and where. But those days have gone and a new has begun, oh what a disgrace my country's become.

A Socialist party (once the extreme) now is the tory and works the obscene and if you but knew the things they have done, oh what a shame my land has become.

Oh what a shame my country's become, her past is all over her future is gone, oh what a thing that is now my home.

Institutional racism is found everywhere, most awful of course are those that have care. But with Stephen Lawrence the bones were laid bare that all Britain's bobbies unequally share.

Thugs that they knew and friends of the same, murdered a young man and the cops joined in shame with people they knew from over the fence.

Killing an Asian… with indifference.

Then there was John Charles de Menezes, whose only crime was his paying his fares when the police armed squad watched him board a train they followed him on and filled it with shame.

Oh what a country my shame has's become, her past is all over her future is gone, oh what a thing that is now my home. And what will next happen to make Jesus moan?

And did those feet in ancient times walk once the shores of such hideous crimes?
And was the holy lamb of god a party to the obscene?

Where is my bow of burning gold, quenched with blood now turning cold? Where are my arrows of desire to see a better world for liars?

Where now my Spear? O clouds unfold and see my Chariot on fire! When will it cease this mental plight, when will my sword sleep in my hand?

When we have filled the asylum that was a green and pleasant Land.


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