Out of control

Following revelations that Jonathon Ross and Russel Brand have annual salaries of millions of pounds, I'm left wondering what measure of abilities went into deciding their salaries. …

The feed-back from the audiences of British TV hjas shown the general public has more sense than the people who control the BBC. Jonathon Ross and Russel Brand (who made the obscene phone calls late in October 2008) have contracts worth millions.

Why the BBC feels it needs to pay TV presenters the money they get, remains to be heard. This follows a series of revelations about fraud and bad executive decisions on British TV over the last few years.

Famously phone in competitions raised millions for companies running them and revelations later showed these peak rate calls were not being entered into the competitions.

The competitions in most cases were being run live when the winner had been selected before the show aired or finished.

Now the government is to be questioned about things. However, I have yet to hear discussed why a man though fit to earn milion is not fit to make sensible decisions about the way he behaves.

For a lot less money they could get a couple of spotty teenagers to behave the way those two do. To date Russel Brand seems to be enjoying himself in th spotlight.

How can he go wrong? As a stnad-up comedian he will always have work and as a millionaire he will never need it.

Not that I am asking fior punishment. I really don't care what happens to them. I am sure that Andr#ew Sachs and his grand-daughter have recovered from the assault and I have never felt the need to watch the shows that those presenters appear on.

To me it was as tiresome as game shows and makeovers. Who wants to see crude interviews of unimportant people whose claim to fame is that they appear on TV.

It's like feeling constrained to read a book just because you are in a library. The fact it hasn't an author or subject you haven't already read seems irrelevant.

British television is composed of make overs, low grade Jery Springer type chat shows and propert auction/makeover shows. Entertainment is modern C Movies, 30 year old B Movies and 60 year old A movies.

News, soaps about chavs and quizz shows make up the rest with a smattering of dumbed down science programmes.

To protect this, the BBC paid ex-Microsoft programmers yet more millions to develop a media player for the internet raddled with DRM protection. What do they need that for? Their output is less valuable than most of the stuff already on the net.

Am I a mal-content? Yes. Unequivocally.

The BBC and other British TV companies have a duty to produce shows that Britain will thrive on. They have no business using style shows as filler. Seriously if you were to compare the output of these people with the cultural identity of Britain you would see how poorly both perform these days.

OK maybe I am getting old but it is true that there seems to be no responsibility FOR responsibility.

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