Weatherforecasts II

I posted the earlier article about Cleveland Abbe as a mark of what is de facto the state of affairs in classical weatherforecasting despite the advances of techniques such as satellite imagery. …

As it happens I am one of the whack jobs that thinks he CAN forecast the weather from the position of the moon. In fact I can forecast that earthquakes in a certiain region will be more likely at certain types of weather.

It follows then that if I can do the first, it should be possible to forecast earthquakes the same way too.

Pity it isn't that straight forward. Let's have a look at the last idea before I try and explain how the moon causes weather and all known geo-phenomena.

At this very moment (Friday afternoon on the 31st October 2008) there is a High Pressure Area moving into the Atlantic by way of the US eastern seaboard. It stayed in the mid-west for several days.

If I knew how to, I'd preserve it on You Tube or somewhere in order for the future reader of this post to take it in. The phenomenon works for Low pressures too so the effect can bee seen most days whatever else happens.

This effect takes place when the above occurs:


2.5 23:55 59.3 -154.3 SOUTHERN ALASKA
2.5 23:27 34.2 -117.5 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
2.5 23:09 66.4 -157.7 NORTHERN ALASKA
2.5 23:01 66.3 -157.0 NORTHERN ALASKA
3.3 22:52 66.3 -157.6 NORTHERN ALASKA

2.5 20:09 56.7 -156.7 ALASKA PENINSULA
2.7 19:20 61.4 -148.1 SOUTHERN ALASKA
2.7 19:20 59.9 -153.0 SOUTHERN ALASKA
3.7 17:44 66.4 -157.7 NORTHERN ALASKA
Magnitude. Time. Longitude. Latitude. Region.
A day or so earlier the weather effect leaving was a Low Pressure Area. And that had this effect:

It looked like the dominant system set up over North America is feeding low pressure in from the Gulf of Alaska and jumping past the Highs east of the Rockies and feeding the Low over the great lakes which in turn is bleeding it out into the Atlantic over all the east coast from Florida up to the Davis Strait.

M 2.8 @ 04:17 33.1 -115.9 Southern California
M 2.6 @ 04:17 33.0 -115.9 Southern California
M 2.9 @ 04:14 33.1 -115.9 Southern California
M 2.9 @ 04:14 33.1 -115.9 Southern California
M 2.8 @ 04:09 33.1 -115.9 Southern California
M 2.5 @ 04:04 33.1 -115.9 Southern California
M 2.6 @ 04:02 33.1 -115.9 Southern California
M 2.7 @ 04:01 33.1 -115.9 Southern California
M 3.5 @ 03:52 33.1 -115.9 Southern California
M 3.6 @ 03:49 33.1 -115.9 Southern California
M 3.0 @ 03:48 33.1 -115.9 Southern California
M 2.5 @ 03:44 33.1 -115.9 Southern California

M 3.3 @ 03:27 33.1 -115.9 Southern California
M 2.9 @ 03:26 33.1 -115.9 Southern California
M 2.9 @ 03:01 33.1 -115.9 Southern California

Note that the Low appears to have affected the southern states of the West Coast while the High seems to have affected the more northerly areas.

I had the opinion it was more due to some sort of diagonal effect. Maybe it is the type of pressure system involved. It is very much work in hand. The latter idea -now it occurs to me, makes a lot more sense. I will explain in some later post, maybe.

Anyway, if you find this sort of thing interesting or have a child interested in geography and science in general, you might have some fun with the idea. There is no need to get upset with me too, neither. If it turns out I am a sadly, badly misled crank, who has no one else but himself to blame, I have hurt no one.

Another whacky kookoid with the next post.


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