Whetherforecasts III

Last in this trilogy of neologisms.

If the weather affects seismology how does seismology affect the weather?

You'd want your bumps read if you believed any of this. However I stand by every word of the hypothesis, it's just the details that I lack clarity and omniscience. …

These are the earthquakes that have occurred since my last post on the subject. The numbers indicate:
Magnitude. Time of day. Latitude. Longitude and Location name.

5.0 M. 04:08 -3.4 S. 148.7 E. Bismarck Sea
5.4 M. 01:34 -6.7 S. 129.3 E. Banda Sea
6.0 M. 01:13 -3.4 S. 148.5 E. Bismarck Sea

5.1 M. 00:00 30.6 N. 67.5 E Pakistan

5.0 M. 23:27 51.5 N. -174.5 E. Andreanof Islands,
5.1 M. 22:11 51.7 N. -174.4 E. Andreanof Islands.
5.2 M. 00:00 52.1 N. -175.9 E. Andreanof Islands,

I felt it important to include the map locations as I think the proximity or degree of proximity is VERY important for what they mean to the weather.

First off if you want to believe in plat tectonics, good luck to you. The theory isn't much use for anything whether it is correct or not. Not.
It's pretty good at hampering research if it is not.

Unless, like me you are open to alternatives, no matter how outlandish they seem.

A pair of consecutive large quakes that occur so close together as though they were in the same place at the same time almost, can be considered as having a magnitude of one whole earthquake whose magnitude is the sum of both.

A short pause here, of about the length of time it takes to go and make a pot of tea, will allow any Arthur Dents to assimilate what I have just said. Seasoned kook analysts may wish to speculate on the impact of an earthquake of magnitudes in excess of 15 M.

I have one explanation. The impact deteriorates in the time interval. When they are several hours apart perhaps. What remains true is that the impact is not one of earth moving proportions so much as the way the weather behaves.

2 such quakes will impact the behaviour of storms. Almost all tropical storms will drop their intensities by 10 to 20 knots.

What happens with them when they don't exist?
I don't know. And what happens when there are three and not two such quakes?

Again I don't know.

But I find it all compelling.

You see, when there is going to be a very large earthquake, weather models tend to disagree with one another and weather forecasters tend to either make mistakes or make no secret of their confusion.

These things (Earthquakes larger than 6.9 M.) tend to occur after long period (for the UK) of stable weather. It is unusual for a certain type of weather to last more than a few days in Britain. When it does break there will be a large quake somewhere or other.

These things are a matter of record. Any library that keeps an archive of newspapers will be a source of that data but you can do so much better these days with the Internet. Search and see.

"The obscureness will not be as when the land had stress, as at the former time when one treated with contempt the land of ….
The people that were walking in the darkness have seen a great light. As for those dwelling in the land of deep shadow, light itself has shone upon them."

"Search and see that no amateur is to break through the hallowed halls of academia out of Britain, is he.”

I haven't touched the surface of what I know about these things but I feel it is wisest to leave things lay for a while. If you want to know more, just "ask. (and you will receive.")


Right, having convinced myself that there was a conection between weather leaving the USA, I had to wait for the other shoe to drop. It never occurred to me to look for the obvious connection with weather arriving at the usa simultaneously. Then Ike came along. IIRC it went to Texas.

While Ike was coming through Haiti killing humndred there (for a comparison of life under the perusal of the CIA as opposed to one's chances on a similar island ruled by an octogenarian with cancer) a previous storm was leaving by way of the east coast.

As it happens, I forget which storm it was sheltering in the lee of the Rockies for a while though filling the plains before drifting off. So many of the archive of new about the weather on that day will show you the low depicted.

Right as I was saying before I was so rudely sidetracked…
Whilst Ike was coming another was going. And the Aleutian/West Coast seismic action jumped up a notch or two. Penny dropped.

As of the time of posting, you can see a composition of satellite graphics that shows the arrival of a front at the same time as you can see one leaving.

How much more logical is it too have the quake zone affected by local weather like that then?

It seems obvious to me now. But I have this wierd compulsion about the Atlantic and am hooked on Lows that leave Canada and the Carolinas. They are the ones that come calling here.

Well I hope I have given you food for thought. Like I said, I don't expect you to believe me. And I wouldn't want anyone to get this fixation I have. I wish I could break free of it but I am the only one looking. ("They have eyes but see not." "The wise men are put to shame.")

All very sad really. I am far from able to help anyone with any of this, just a crank sitting in a small room maundering. Would it be any different if I was rich and influential? For all their hard work has the wealth of pop stars stopped the desolation of the Amazon? Or whatever worthy cause been eased?

Boy, what a downer!


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