Out with the new.

Since our war criminal is now making a fortune advising crooks and liars about finance and the US version is about to become surplus to requirements. I am left wondering what will now go wrong. …

What went wrong with the Republican party went wrong a long time ago. Widely seen outside the USA as the home of wing nuts and white supremacists it was once the party of Abraham Lincoln and isolationists.

What went wrong with their election drive was muck slinging and ropey appeals. Who on earth would choose a silly woman to be the running mate of the prospective president? Someone hoping to cash in on women voters?

Such a blatant political foil.
And it would have helped had the research been done into her capabilities. And a gagging order issued.

But the climactic opportunity for the opposition was the economy. If it hadn't collapsed as and when it did, I feel the fight would have been a lot closer.

To counter voting fraud that was a legacy of the Bush campaign, Senator Obama made sure there was plenty of legal help on hand and education too into the foibles of whichever state's voting methods.

It wasn't lost on British TV viewers that there was plenty of opportunity for cheating in the US mechanics. What on earth is wrong with paper and pencil I can't imagine. In a cash strapped and crooked society, one couldn't imagine a better system. Why do they still use electronic counters?

Beats me. (First change I'd make if I was President.)

So what is going to go wrong now. Obviously stress and strain will occur in Iraq and Iran. Afghanistan will continue to drain men and machines and for what? Some sparsely populated semi-desert mountains that are only good for growing poppies?

What is to become of the oil trade? I don't think any Arab country feels it owes the western world an even break. Do you?

No more does China, which, now it has woken up to world trade, is going to find new niches if there is any slack in trade with the west. That might be a good thing if it only widens the education of Chinese Internet users. I am sick and tired of getting spam from people who don't know enough to shelter their computers from spam-bot herders.

Even as I write this there are muck scrabblers diving into the affairs of Senator -now President Elect, Obama's election machine. Every questionable action will be highlighted, not so much for the greater good of our fellow man but to sell newspapers.

Which is a sad comment on our day and age. People are humans; big news.
It will be a sad day if the US loses another capital city over him. I can't see that happening.

But we are living in difficult times, so maybe I'd better not assure anyone of that -myself included.

I can see him getting mired in a war that he had no part in though. But at least it is a start. Rather him than me. He seems too nice to wage war. Wars are never won by being nice. (And never ended by being nasty.) There is a lot of revenge breeding in the near east and people wanting vengeance. I know that.

Hate never sleeps.

Personally I can't wait for the British news vendors to find something else to dwell on outside the USA. It is still more than 50% of the TV news over here and I've had enough.

Let's have a look at cleaning up our own garden shall we? God knows there is plenty here to be done:

Why is it that the wicked themselves keep living,
Have grown old, also have become superior in wealth?
Their offspring are firmly established with them in their sight,
And their descendants before their eyes.


3 thoughts on “Out with the new.

  1. Too many flaws in our societies we live in, aren't there? Unfortunately, look at who we are? Nothing, aren't we? Truth sucks, but it is true. Yes, we can never make a change, make difference! It s better not to dwell on them, just hold heads high, care for us ourselves, anything else ranks secondary.btw reading your blog, it reminds me of the name "Noam Chomsky" …who likes to talk important, serious things 🙂

  2. Wish I was famous or even better; rich and famous but I just get angry at the way rascals ruin everything.I mean who in his right mind would vote for a politician? But every election we seem to end up with more of the buggers. If we ould find out where they are breeding perhaps we could drain the swamp and delouse it with DDT and dynamite.I've just looked up "Noam Chomsky"http://www.chomsky.info/talks.htmHe has an article on there I will read. But we have many writers here with such insights. Pity they don't get a stab at running things.Or maybe just as well?

  3. Of cos, discussing this stuff does no harm, just don't think of it too much cause the other day, I surfed thru blog of Wezall with an entry on the election in U.S lately and caught your comment ranting @ it. Thought you would release then, but still you keep writing about it with full of hatred and angriness on your blog, which in turn makes me think it would badly affect your life :confused: :awww: well, we both know saying and doing are 2 different things, but those like Noam or…others…are admired cause they dare to say such things in public and they know what and how to say even though they haven't taken action yet! Giving a talk is not so easy as we think.hmmm, I am not sure u could make big thing if you were rich or something, taking action for the better is not that easy folk! TO ERR IS HUMAN!!! No one is perfect folk. Talking about wishes & dreams, I just want the world to become one that is created by Legend John Lennon's imagination :"Imagine there's no HeavenNo hell below usAbove us only skyImagine there's no countriesNothing to kill or die forAnd no religion tooImagine all the peopleLiving life in peaceImagine no possessionsNo need for greed or hungerA brotherhood of manImagine all the peopleSharing all the worldYou may say that I'm a dreamerBut I'm not the only oneI hope someday you'll join usAnd the world will live as one" :heart: :love: 10 seconds for that big person !John…you are forever remembered and loved!

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