Reality Bites

When a poor family falls on hard times, the state steps in to cover the absolute basic needs. The same applies across the board for all in Britain.
But… …

Hard times have hit the British landscape at last. In the form of disappearing horses.

The culture has always been rich in horseflesh where they were a mark of rank. To this day having an horse puts you in a league not that far from the landed gentry if not quite royalty.

You get to go on the hunt if they still have one locally. And you get to to be seen as part of the picturesque when out riding country lanes.

But it all takes money. If you don't have land you need to pay stable fees and feed bills. And these days people who have been able to afford such for donkeys ears have now to face the fact those days have gone.

But what to do with family pets that are just too big for the average British garden? A patch of land in most cases too small to exercise a dog in. And won't be fed on scraps.

There are a couple of charities that are set up to home abandoned animals such as horses. But they are being snowed under. The alternative is French cuisine and rendering plants that formulate dog food.

It's all very sad really.

We think nothing of eating animals but not when they have been a major part of your life for ages. I am glad I am not in such a tragic situation.

It doesn't help to hear stories of places where things are much worse. And god knows, there are plenty of those. And to think that you can travel to infinity in any direction from the surface of this earth and find no known form of life.

So futile and so important at the same time.


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