On my bike

I pulled my bicycle apart some time back today the last bit slid back into place. …

I got a second hand bike for some exercise a long time before the recession loomed and hardly used it. It was just too easy to get in the van and push off down the shops.

So a few months back as I was struggling up an hill the wire pulled out the gear change. Fortunately it stayed in low gear so I got home OK -eventually. Then I couldn't fix it after waiting weeks to remember to get a new wire for it.

It turned out a bolt had stripped its thread. So I took the thing apart to see if I could find one. And never got a roundtwit. By the time I needed a bike I had lost half the gear change mechanism. Then I thought I might as well strip and clean the whole lot while I get it sorted.

How is it the back gears get chock a block with waxy dirt after only a few years of neglect? It was like concrete. Anyway I found the missing bits and stuck it all together but I had to keep fiddling with it as I had forgotten how it went.

Finally, about a week back, I got it sorted. Almost. I forgot to set the adjusters to stop the chain coming off.

(Tip: Use a broken stick to lift the chain back on the sprockets rather than grunge up your hands on the still dirty but now well oiled chain.)

So today I finally remembered to "take a screwdriver with me the next time I go out". It was nice to be able to change gear again. Bloody hills!


One thought on “On my bike

  1. My problem is I am a slob. I like doing stuff like that but I always put things off. I do need help. Psychiatric help.Never put off until today what you can manage to put off until next week, when you are passing. If you remember.

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