A Spell of Weather II

Part 2.

There is something in the air. It's a big stone.

This is what is written on it. …

06:00 13th November 2008
This map contains every element that appears on a weather chart. If you are unfamiliar with them, this one seems horribly complex.

This spell is in flux, it will settle down but the new spell is a doubly unstable one so it will still appear as one of the more complex systems seen in the North Atlantic.

The previous spell is only just ending and that one too was an unstable one. And the one yet to come is also an unstable one. These are the causes of all that:

The last spell was a lunar phase that occurred on the 6th November at 04:04.
This one started this morning 13th November at 06:17
And the next one from the 19th November at 21:31.


And it works like this:

The time of the phase tells us over which parts of the earth both the moon and the sun are going to be at the time shown. It isn't direct tidal action (we'd know about it and elephants would fly) and it obviously isn't heat imparted. (The Lows and Highs seem impervious to the diurnal nature of sunshine.)

What it is likely to be is inertia in the n-body system called the 3-body problem. The moon weighs something like 81 billion tons. As it passes relatively small differences in the earth's crust, it doesn't have time to change minuscule amounts. However when the differences are large enough the system must adjust itself.

I imagine this has the effect of adjusting tides by sloshing around seas, lakes and aquifers. What might happen then is anyone's guess. It is obvious that as water levels change in seas, the harmonic frequencies of its components also change.

That is complex fluid dynamics. I doubt it has been explored in this way and certainly not deeply. Whatever the mechanics, this is what is happening:

When the time of the phase (any one of the four basic types) is at the following times, the weather in Britain tends to be:
For 1 o'clock wet; for 3 o'clock thundery or having those cloud striations that relate to (in the United States) tornadoes and derechos.

At 5 o'clock the weather is likely to be anticyclonic and at 6, overcast with low cloud even mist and fogs.

The code then repeats each six hours. I don't know why. I also don't fully understand what to expect for phases at 2 and 4 o'clock.

When two or three similar phases run together (as with this, the previous spell and probably the next) we have a singularity. California has the opposite weather. We get rain and they get forest fires -or massive droughts at least.

When such spells finally break there is a massive earthquake of Magnitude: >6.5. (See edit.)

There are variations on this. Volcanic activity, for instance, takes place with massive eruptions causing damage when in the North Atlantic the Low pressures are not that low and the High pressures are not that high.

With this phase being a low cloud, cold spell, there is every likelihood that the tropical storms with it will occur in the North Atlantic. If not, then perhaps in the American Pacific. When tropical storms reach the intensity of super storms, the weather elsewhere is affected. As it happens the effect is to shift the spell code back 1 hour for every magnitude over hurricane force.

In such cases the likelihood of Mag 7+ quakes drops but there will be a spate of 5.5 Mags in the region opposite the storm some 120 degrees distant. And finishes off with a 6.3M or larger along with another 5.5 or so called an aftershock. (Or a fore-shock.)

All right, that's not quite getting down to things with these charts. But it is the background, more or less, to the way I see these things.

And that is enough for now. More here.

1. I have recently come to the conclusion that the categories of earthquakes may require a rethink. I now think that instead of being orders of magnitude of force they are combinations of subterranean storms. Their effect on the weather is no different than if there were in the same region, two almost instantaneous quakes.

Each component about half that magnitude.

2. When I related the time of the phase to Hurricanes in the North Atlantic, I had overlooked the fact that the hurricane season is over and that it is rare to have them this late in the year. Whilst it still remains possible, the more likely effect will be seen in the Indian Ocean.

I wish I could say more about the East (American) Pacific. I just don't know enough to hack that. There is, as I write, a tropical depression off Ceylon. If I am correct in my reasoning and it does grow, it will threaten the Bay of Bengal. I just don't know enough to hack that ocean, either.

There are lots of things I don't know but there is one thing I do know. It will all come together in god's due time.


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