A Spell of Weather IV

The North Atlantic has resolved into a system that will stand the week out now. …

We had the makings of a tropical storm that should have improved the weather. And the weather did improve for the afternoon. They were talking about warm and humid stuff up here on the TV weather.

I wonder what will happen now these two quakes stymied that:
5.1 2008/11/14 @ 02:44 53.8S. 8.6E. BOUVET ISLAND REGION
5.9 2008/11/14 @ 02:05 53.7S. 8.7E. BOUVET ISLAND REGION

I should have known that 4.9 at Vanuatu was a killer. Too much wishful thinking.

My connection failed this afternnon and by the time I got it sorted I lost one of my charts. There are archives but I will have to wait to complete them. This sort of thing dogs me when I am chasing down a new idea or makinng a forecast.

It's a measure of the frustration I feel sometimes that the fury I fly into is damaging me. It's not as if anyone is going to listen. It's just that I have this need to sort it all out in my head. And when it goes wrong is a major depression. When it goes right isn't much better after the effusion. You wonder: "So, is that it?"

I suppose I should count myself lucky, only the connection broke down afgain just now. I fixed it (The username and password had reset. Crap-hang Whorehousew playing the damned fool. They throw me offfline at justthe worst time possible.)

I'll wait for the morning and grab the three images off my computer and go over them when I am a little fresher. At least I got the noon and 18:00 ones. They don't flow so well with a missing chart though.



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