A Spell of Weather V

Half way through a short spell and it is only now settling down. …

Here is the analysis of the weather so far:

Those thick black lines represent fronts of one sort or another. They are where the meteorologist supposes the weather has its cutting edge. They show up on satellite images as different shading in the clouds. It is as simple as that and inclined to go wrong. But most of the time it doesn't.

Any one can look out of a window and see that different cloudscapes forecast immediate changes in the weather once they know what to look for. Getting it right for some 3 or 4 days advance is quite difficult. Making it so after 5 days requires immense skill involving years of experience.

However the stretches of comprehension leave out one climax that is not incorporated into conventional wisdom. Look at the two lines in the middle of the chart that have what look like cartoon mice or squirrels running along them.


More or less.

I think they were this pair of quakes showing up as sonic impact:

No proof. Just intuition.

That and the fact Bouvetey Islands are a protectorate of Norway some 120 degrees south of the area those "Occluded Fronts" with the "squirrelly" hot and cold icons running along them appeared.

Some more here.

Look at that thing wrapped around Iceland like a failed economy.

And there is one developing in the south east.

What the spells have in common when they occur at around 6 or 12 o'clock is a set of lows and highs surrounding the UK. It is an unstable situation of sorts. By that I mean we never know when it is going to rain.

I suppose there is something in the air over California that tells the natives that a forest fire is occasioned. I have no idea what that might look like though. But it will be evident in lunar phases like these.

I mentioned earlier they were unstable. But the air masses themselves seem pretty hearty. It is the way they keep feeding those fronts that is the unsettling thing about them.

The triangles represent cold edges and the semi-circles represent warm edges. Behind each is a region of cold or warm air and their interface is the weather.

So it is more of the same for the rest of the week. It's a short week, being a phase that only lasts till the 19th. (Which will be another unstable spell, this time involving cumulonimbus -thunderclouds. So look out for a change to that sort of stuff from the 18th.


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