Viet Nam. South Land.
It's about to go west in an easterly.
Or not, as the case may be. …

The name VietNam means SouthLand. And that's all I have to say about that.

There was a blogger on here who pointed out to me their national weather site online but it wasn't much use to me as me no speakie de lingo. Or as we Brits would say:

(And usually, they do, which (to koine a phrase) speaks volumes for our ability to educate foreigners.)

Meanwhile here is an interesting take on the weather there or about to be there:
Tropical Cyclone 26.

What that last link says is that the storm is due to hit Hanoi just as the spell ends on the 18th.

Unfortunately, it shows the low pressure system going on through Indo-China into the Indian Ocean just when the spell turns from unstable to cyclonic.

I may be wrong. I have the idea that it aught to be anticyclonic weather that does the dirty in that region.

Which is a shame as the discussion on UK Usenet weather group is about incoming anticyclonic.

So, hang on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, this could get interesting.


I went to bed the night before, musing on writing something about the Lows in Viet Nam but when I got up this morning to do so, I was sidelined by the way things were laid out in the MetO site and felt stymied. I got irritated as I don't have much patience these days.

Anyway; I then got sidetracked thinking about next week's spell. That starts on the 19th and I'm trying to tie it in with the following phases:

Feb 7 03:44
Feb 14 03:34
Feb 21 03:31
Aug 16 21:16

Which I have links to charts of on an old MSN site….
Which I had moved to the new MSN site which wouldn't let me in….
And then I forgot about what I was intending and started messing around following other links…
So this is another day wasted.

And I still haven't heard from the bot running the new site so I will now have to migrate all my old stuff which is beeping anoying but at least I am not covered in debris or trapped in a forest fire.

And I am still annoyed!


I'll tell you something. If it is this interesting and easy to get involved with so that you lose track of what you are doing, when you are running a country half the size of a continent and that country is in two wars you started and can't win, you don't get much time to have a family life let alone go golfing.

Not unless you are a chimpanzee.

How could people have been so stupid as to have voted for him? I think he should be strung up on a lamp post and eviscerated.


3 thoughts on “Vietnam

  1. 2008/11/165.8 M. 18:21. MINAHASA, SULAWESI, INDONESIA5.6 M. 17:35 MINAHASA, SULAWESI, INDONESIA7.5 M. 17:03 MINAHASA, SULAWESI, INDONESIANEIC map.Well I thought things were going a little pear shaped when I saw the chart had deteriorated. But I confess I never saw this one coming.The double quake has the power to eradicate the tropical lows that might have rebuilt. I don't know what effect the third one has.Wait and see?We have little choice.The above actually make 18.9 M. not the value contemporary seismicity would value it at.

  2. What am I saying?

    Well I thought things were going a little pear shaped when I saw the chart had deteriorated. But I confess I never saw this one coming.

    Of course I saw it coming. Only I thought it was going to be an hurricane. Then I realised we don't have them in November and wrote that off, forgetting about it.Next thing I am expecting a super-typhoon to develop and finding fault with myself because one doesn't.My god, it was writ large and I should have known. I even had a problem with the computer, a sure and certain sign……..What a prawn!

    The double quake has the power to eradicate the tropical lows that might have rebuilt. I don't know what effect the third one has.

    That's not true either. I have covered it before, it's just that I can't remember how it turned out.

  3. I finally got in after writing the edit in the blog above.Look what I found:msn-.m. wrote on Feb 25I just managed to catch the 7.3 in Indonesia last thing last night. Not much use as a warning I suppose but proof if there was that there is method in my methods. 2008/02/25 08:367.3 KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA it madness too. I suppose I deserve it.The frost has just returned but without low cloud. Such things are interchangeable with the advent of super-cyclones in or very near the tropics.None of which are extant: think the slate is wiped clean from the FUD of the last few days. Perhaps it is time to recap what I think I found from over the last few weeks?

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