Cyclones in a kook’s eye.

Following on from the article I quoted in the previous post. My take on the subject. …

The importance of scale:

The term Mesoscale is a posh way of saying: "As far as the eye can see". If you are standing in a field, that isn't very far. But if the field is on a cliff-top, it may be several dozen miles depending on the clarity of the air and the height of the cliff.

It is about the size of what approaching weather will fill the sky in. Some storms are hundreds of miles in diameter but the bit that is going to affect you is a considerably smaller arm of it.

The term Synoptic scale refers to the area over which a chart of several storms will fit, such as the MetO Atlantic Charts I have posted elsewhere.

I don't propose to go into the subject of diagnosing them as Tropical, Subtropical, Extra-tropical Polar and the rest of it.

A sure and curtain track:

The fact is that you can follow regions of low pressure from near the Equator up to and past the North Pole. Little can be seen after that, as they turn into someone else's patch and leave one synoptic area for another.

They can actually come down through Siberia to be reborn in Europe and Asia. I have not followed them closely and archives are only starting to become available to non military sites. I don't know where they go after that.

What is obvious is that they would get in contact with High pressure areas long before they reach northern latitudes, had they any inclination to do so. They run instead along lines of (for want of a better term) geological faults.

Spell bound:

Not surprisingly in a given spell a series of Lows can gather along these faults and that when they do, they tend to rotate around each other. When this happens in the tropics the condition is kept tight and is bound toward the west.

After coming ashore on a large continent, they can not hold together as they might on a span of land no wider than themselves, as for example Scotland or Iceland. They spread out and form a train on the Synoptic Scale again.

They can regather at the Mid Atlantic Ridge as happens in the North Atlantic (and I dare say with the topography of the Pacific.) They can be seen rotating about each other in some spells where they come close together without assimilating.

When they do grow together the pressure drops to the mid 980's (millibars of air pressure) and they can move over any obstacle, usually into another geological line.

And that is why they seem to follow each other closely, especially in northern latitudes.

The impotence of beings in earnest:

So what is causing all this? The phase of the moon? (More accurately, the time of the phase of the moon?)
I have honestly looked for all probable causes and this is the only one plausible. There must be (in the region of the 500 millibar level the heights referred to as "Thickness" in meteorology-speak) a channel for the sound the wind makes. I say must be because it is only on rare occasions that we become aware of distant sounds.

These are called inversions where we can hear the sound of distant traffic more clearly on some days in foggy spells. We never hear the noises that take place in the sky above. OK, we can hear aircraft but the sound of rushing wind where it contacts other air layers, escapes us.

Now having solved the problem of what causes cyclogenesis (cyclonic rotation and increased deepening of low pressure) we open another bag of nits in trying to explain the next obvious problem that lack logic and persuasion:

Why do tropical storms have tighter coils that more northern ones? And why do they spread out over land.

The second answer points to an answer to the first.

On land the lows are offered a wider selection of gravity mascons and they can separate out to land areas whose seismic frequency is most suited to them.

Over the sea (and the reason why they form over seas is) they have their frequencies catered for through the muffler of the ocean. Which probably explains how high up, when cross winds run, they re-tune the storm and negate the input from below and something happens to decapitate tropical storms.

The fluid still exists, it still flows in the same spiral north and it still regathers in regions where condition allow them to. I have made stunningly stupid assertions I know but that doesn't mean they are incorrect.

That they can be used to forecast earthquakes is indicated by what I have posted so far here, I have not yet succeeded in demonstrating that the time and the place is pinpointable yet. But that is not a condition that will elude mankind for very much longer.

God has told us that in these or the "difficult times", we will hear reports of earthquakes in one place after another. He never told us we would correctly forecast them. But the prophecy was in itself a forecast of them was it not?

That same prophet also stated elsewhere that if we had enough faith in ourselves and the knowledge we hold, we would know for a certainty when such and such volcanoes were about to erupt. And so it is in a spirit of confidence I aver that I am on the right track, if not spot on just yet.


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