Blue Moon

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.

Talking of unspecified and undiagnosable illnesses. I get pains in my back from time to time that would ordinarily be written off as the onset of arthritis.

Which it probably is.

Except in my case I just happened to be studying the effect of the moon on the weather when I noticed several odd coincidences.

I get leg cramps when there are tornadoes in the USA and I get a stiff neck when there are earthquakes in the Fiji/Tonga/Vanuatu region.

I don't have an explanation for this. But I suppose that there is a similarity found in all sufferers of joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis to all sorts of other illnesses such as for example gout.

So if you know of anyone prone to said illnesses, you might want to look at what sort of things are going on earth wide at the time. It won't stop the pain. But it will be interesting. And give the sufferers a time window for release.



3 thoughts on “Blue Moon

  1. Since I lived on the San Andreas in 89 when most of my family died back here in Britain, I can hear earthquakes happening a few hours before they occur. Which is handy. =o> I believe it's the stress and panic of thousands of people in the future filtering thru. My old toe scar hurts nicely just before frosts aswell.

  2. This is something I have been looking at since a cycling accident years ago turned me into an old man a decade and more back.The joint lubricants crystallise over long forgotten injuries and (in my own opinion) becomes more susceptible to some sort of pietzo-electrical effect.Apparently it may have some connection to the paranormal and to standing stones. The frequency of seismic waves has an acoustic wave that can match with body rhythms and give people the idea they are receiving paranormal messages.I can't say.I can say I am sorry about your family.It can be very hard to deal with friends and relationships that others think should go on as usual after a respectful time of grief and you haunted by not saying goodbye or whatever for the rest of your life.You mourn forever no matter what recuperation takes place. It doesn't help when you hear the national and international news does it.It aught to be a requirement that no politician should stand for office until he has suffered life shattering loss. Then we'd see a lot less warfare.

  3. Mmm. My post on Earthquake Prediction highlights USGS accepting piezoelectrics as a source of the steam that condenses into Earthquake clouds just prior to eruption. With my earthview from space gizmo, IR view shows up these clouds over faults & volcanoes. A quake will take place within the month. I think Pakistan is due another.

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