‘Gulf’ ‘War’ ‘Syndrome’

Noting that overall funding for research into Gulf War illness has declined dramatically since 2001, it calls for a "renewed federal research commitment" to "identify effective treatments for Gulf War illness and address other priority Gulf War health issues."

Bit of an own goal that one.

In a war against the invasion of Kuwait the father of the Presentdunce used Agent Orange type pesticides and ruined the health of 1 in 4 of the men willing to kill for their country. Or rather willing to be sent sent into harms way by the owner of their country.

The predicament is further refined in that this present debacle in Iraq is based on a lie that there are or were such weapons in Iraq. (Yes I know the ruler of that country needed topping but not by a ijiut.) And that in proving there were indeed no such weapons of mass destruction, the likelihood of the soldiers involved at present getting Gulf War Syndrome is not very large.

Of course by the time we will know that is true, the chimp will have written his memoirs.

As a side note.
When the toxin used in sheep dip was changed from arsenic to an Agent Orange derivative, it hit British Farmers very badly. The British Government went into a similar denial mode. The pain and other trauma suffered has to this very day, not been treated except by the tender mercies of National Health doctors who )not having diagnoses never mind cures) can only administer pain relief.

If you were a soldier in the USA in the Gulf war, what was/is your chance of getting free painkillers?

Guess who's maladministration crippled you if you lived in a land of the free?
Guess which monkeys brought about economic collapse so there is little chance of relief?
You got it; the Bush Family business! And you thought that the legalised use of aspartame was scandalous?

How about that for a parting shot? What a downer.


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