What kind of Fool?

What kind of man is this?
An empty shell-
A lonely cell in which
an empty heart must dwell

Serving and former police officers, teachers and soldiers are listed as members of the British National Party (the Nazi party of Great Britain)in a leaked document published online.

The list, which dates from 2007, has the names, addresses, jobs and phone numbers of more than 10,000 people.

Since 2004, police officers have been banned from being members of the BNP.

The party's leader, Nick Griffin, said the leak was "a disgraceful act of treachery" by former members and called for a police investigation.

I loved this bit:

'Discretion required'

Occupations ascribed to the listed names include teachers, a doctor, nurse, vicar and members of the armed forces.

WTH did they put their personal details on data like that?

While there is no ban on many of those professions joining the BNP, its right-wing political stance and whites-only membership policy are seen by many as incompatible with frontline public service.

Police officers, on the other hand, are formally banned from joining, a policy which is recognised in the list.

Alongside the name of a serving officer, the document states that there is "Discretion required re. employment concerns".

Whilst I have every sympathy for the victims I have no sympathy with their characters. Anyone involved in such politics is quite literally legal scum. Unfortunately such politics breeds on ignorance and hate. It may well be the source of ill feeling that inspires terrorists preaching at mosques.

There is a curtain of racists in regions next to places that are rich in the, for want of a better term: multicultural. They see themselves protecting Britain from the sins of its fathers only for them it isn't the fault of the fathers.

If only Britain "then" could see itself "now".

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