How to write a blog

There are ways of doing things and they work in all aspects of society.
I am not preaching to the choir I hope. …

What are you writing a blog for?

Is it just because there is this new electronic friendship equiptment you want to play with?
Do you have something to say?
Do you need to have a place you collect your thoughts or post your picture?
Or are you crying with an heart full of emotion for things that you can't have?

Me, I just like writing and I have a mania about earth science.
I don't mind if no-one sees my little light flickering all alone in the cold.

As long as I have somewhere to put my poems and short stories, my explantion of national and international disasters and my rantings against injustice, I don't care if nobody takes the least bit of notice.

Oh yes…. and I like to elaborate on the truth a bit.

So what makes a good blog?
Better ask what makes a bad one. People will read anything once. If you don't stain their first impression they might come back. It's not that they have different interests, any social activity is stimulating even if it is finding a perishing moron you are just glad to be better than.

First impressions are everything. Whilst your connection to visitors has to be closer than the mouse click, it must be relaxed too. If your page has too much to take in at first sight, you lose most of the casual visitors. Probably all of them.

Use a more laid back, a more "desultory" tone, at least for your into. Give them a pique at what is to come. Don't mess with the settings until you know what fits and why. That can take froever. I imagine that the techs who set up forums have had years of experience and know what works and what doesn't.

Plain and simple is the ideal start. That's what sells houses: white ceilings and magnolia walls. Blank canvasses. Also, you inevitable feel drawn to people without too many vices and of an easy going nature. Consider who are the most appealing of your neighbours.

Try and reflect a gentle manner -without being soppy of course. Ideologies and politics aside, people would rather look at flowers than corpses.

The style Opera offers gives you a box to introduce the topic, between the title and the main body. Write a small 2 second thought about the page in that box as that is all the surfer will see as they drop onto your main page.

If they click on the intro, you then need to get them to realise that they want to read more. You will just turn them off with shouting your message straight into their faces. You get less than 5 seconds "alert time" with a fresh caller. After that they are thinking of reasons to ditch you.

Don't try to tell them everything at once. People don't work like that.

Once you have their attention, you want to let them know they are in tune when you humanise yourself. Let them know there are things you have no explanation for and that you are aware of the errors or potential for error. If you want to move the world and can't even move them, what hope have you?

Betwixt and between your style and your story, you have to weave a common cause with them, explain the drift so they are not lost and isolated. Keep it short. They have things to do beside reading your blatherings.

You have to leave them feeling entertained and a part of the scheme. Not dried up and exhausted.

Then you have to step back and let them see their way; even if it is over the hills and gone. That's their choice.

Then you must let them post a comment you do not over-master or interfere with. They have free thoughts too. It's a problem I have. I can't just leave a comment lie but I need to jiggle another two pennies down the slot.

The problem is that it is like a complement to have a comment. Someone who bothered with your soul. So what could be nicer than you jumping in all over it before they have had time to think?

I sometimes wish I was as nice as I want to be but at the same time I am glad I won't take crap from anyone…. so long as I forget that that is going to haunt me later.
Sometimes I wish I was nice.


14 thoughts on “How to write a blog

  1. Yeah well sticking all them raisins down the tubes was pretty nasty.I could have eaten them for you, you only had to ask.

  2. We never had raisins when I was a kid. It was peas and gristly meat I stuck down the legs of the table. Never thought it was nasty. It was a way of getting out of being beaten.

  3. No problem. I was making fun of it with the remembrance of putting the peas down the legs and no one ever knowing it. It kinda makes me forget how my dad was. The good part is at the end of their lives, my parents cared for each other in their illnesses. Speaking of communications, I just had someone make a horrible comment on my blog. I have reported him. Why he did it, I have no idea. I'll get you the link in a sec.Here's the link. I'll delete his comment in a few. It's kind of disturbing.

  4. Sorry about your father. It's terrible when a breach of trust like that occurs. Have you read what has happened over here in the news over the last week or so?Breakdowns in communications I don't know. What are people like? And why?What on earth gets into them?Sorry I was making light of such a thing.

  5. Man..Or woman in your case, that was bad. I wrote to the forum that he or it needs banning but also reporting to the police. What he said to you amounts to threatening to commit rape.Make sure that any links to information about you are guarded. Personally I'd contact the police myself if I were in your shoes. Now I am furious and want to commit violence myself!!!!!!!!!GGGGGRAAAA.

  6. Well I reported him to Opera, sent them the links and they are on it. I'm not too scared as I think he is in Russia or somewhere like that. I also went to his blog and blocked him. He made a similar comment on another person's blog who is a male in my friend's list. That whole blog gives me the creeps.

  7. I think you aught to try and find the police department that deals with cybercrime in your country. At the very least they will keep the log of your complaint, next best they may try and find his account supply and at the best he mght get depeered at wherever he lives.It's too much to ask for prison though he deserves it. I think it could only be seen as a misdemeanour in US terms or a civil matter in British. Probably de rigour in Russia.Some people are too sad and stupid to live.(Maybe he'll get elected.)

  8. Your blog is interesting and the way u rite is fun :up: I notice many idioms are used each entry, for those who wanna study E…like me, this blog is a good choice 🙂 though it s quite long each entry but NOT boring…sometimes I have a doubt whether you actually rote these entries…cause they sound just too good :doh: :whistle: sometimes I imagine you kind of "bookworm" with huge glasses…like harry potter's ones :D…not the type of animal party but interesting to talk with 😉

  9. Yes the large glasses fit me. I used to read all the time and wasn't much good at sports AND, this is the BEST BIT…I am a real live magician. What would have been called, in long ago times, an Astrologer or not so… so long ago (but still far off now) times, a Thaumaturge.I like to "extract the urine" (as we have the saying.) And since I am such a good target myself, I suppose I have to cop for a few of my own broadsides. (For fear someone else gets them in first.)If I can be of any use to you in your learning, please feel free to ask. That goes for anyone else too. And I am sure many bloggers feel the same way. So never hesitate to ask, the worst that can happen is they may say: No.PS:I think you will find that if you wirte what tickles you and don't make it too self indulgent and/or artsy fartsy, others will find you funny too.And never give too much personal information away whatever you do. Some things are private and deserve to be respected for their own content. Nobody wants to see too much, it's embarassing if not dangerous.And it can be very dangerous to reveal too much of yourself online.(There are programmes that will scour the net looking for things just about you and can be combined with clues you give unconsciously to paint a picture of you. I bet that is what the FBI and others use all the time to profile suspects.Just be careful and most people will respect that.)

  10. thanx 4 your thoughtful idea about helping my studying!well, actually my E is not too bad, I got 520 for TOEFL tests…it s just I feel joy reading your blog, such as a post comparing atoms with our planets. Maybe you haven't realized that one of most important factors that make your blog draws crowd is that it doesn't too much about your everyday personal fact, I started blog last year, but then I feel bored and decided to close. Not everyone can be good blogger. Yep we can write anything we want, BUT for a period of time, we just don't want to write anything cause you start to feel bored, even fed up with the life and things surrounding us and we want to discovery new things from others…And now I find it in your blog, because it has new things to me. It is just as simple as that!

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