Same old same old

The more things change, the more they stay the same. …

Both Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates could be in the Obama Cabinet.
Reports suggest several other candidates backed the decision to go to war.

How did that bun get left out the oven. Or was I the only viewer that heard Mr Obama state he was going to increase security forces in the debacle?

Los Angeles Times

It is estimated that over two million VietNamese were killed by US troops in the debacle that preceded this one. Not all of them were Viet Cong and North Viet Namese troops on active duty were they?

What sort of army did the North Vietnamese have to field in reality, to deal with the USA when they could afford to take such casualties?

That blood bath is going to look like a cake-walk (whatever a cake walk is) compared to what is going to arrive when this debacle is ratcheted up to similar kill factors. At the moment, even the Afghanis are disorganised. The Viet Cong were close knit and highly organised and the North Vietnam military were trained and supplied by Russia and China.

I imagine that both Russia and China have just as little to lose and an whole lot more to gain from supplying insurgents and opposition to the US led coalition forces in the near east. And then there is a natural Islamic antagonism against the USA that began when Israel was foist on the Arab world.

When serious war breaks out in Iraq it will have unimaginable consequences. Now is the time to step out of the mess not increase the problem. But that is a sweet way of looking at things. When considering the bigger picture of international politics, it ALWAYs pays to take the jaded view, as any pessimism usually turns out to have been overly optimistic.

Why is that politicians can NEVER see that people just want to be left the hell alone? Get out of her my people. Get the hell out!


One thought on “Same old same old

  1. Sorry about that rant. My neck is aching badly and it won't be assuaged until a major quake or series of quakes attacks Vanuatu, Tonga and or Fiji.It's going to be a bad night. Someone write and tell them to watch out.

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