Saving up for a new tomorrow

I don't normally bother checking my spam account in G-mail. It bottoms out at about a thousand and then, by the time the next lot come, Google boots the tail off it. …

My account seemed to be hovering at 760 odd so I pulled it open and wondered why. I had to smile at this one:

Low Education?? now you can BUY Degree/Dip1oma/MasteerMBA At Cheap xxxxxxx

Would you like to:
Increase Your Salary?
Increase Your Ability to find other work?
Increase Your Marketability?
Increase Your Desirability?

Please call: xxxxxxxxxxx [Inside USA]
xxxxxxxxxxxx [Outside USA]

>>is<< >>an<< University Degree/Dip1oma holding you >>back?<<
Kindly call us >>To<< inquire about >>Our<< degree programs.

Whether you >>Are<< seeking a Diploma, >>Bacheelor<<, >>M B A<</ >>P h D<<
We can >>Provide<< you >><< credentials >>to get you Better Career<<
>>No Study, Exam, test, or courseworks required<<

Please call: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Inside USA]
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Outside USA]

Please leave >>us<< your "Name, country & phone no. with >>Countrycode<<"

Our staff will call >>tou<< back soon

And assorted full stops missing.

I like the idea of buying a fake passport to success with a company so dull that they will pay me good money without realising this is a fake certificate. Mind you the NHS would not be able to function if they really checked on the diplomas of their nurses.

Not that I want to get a job wiping drewel off little old ladies' chins.

I gather that most school pupils leave our hallowed halls for dark Satanic mills without being able to read and write. And that whilst over 30% of Asian school leavers get a good start at Maths and Physics, enough to propel them to an engineering college in Gt Britain, a school over here is lucky to get 3% of school leavers qualified in Maths or Physics to A Level standards.

Mind you, all the motor vehicle companies are in Asia these days -so I don't suppose it matters all that much what we do over here.

Sad, really.


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