Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio. A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy, he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! …

It's a lipstick on a pig scenario that a man once admired and once so entertaining is now a rotting corps.

This particular story concerns the goings on behind the scenes with an independent adviser, Dell and Microsoft. And it is about the rotting corpse of a pig called Vista. I used to read Groklaw compulsively. Eventually its one sided complaints and the dead-endedness of a feature that concerns a defunct Linux/UNIX distributor began to pall.

But I got this link from them: TechFlash and read some of it before it occurred to me that I was getting involved in another operating system I have no interest in and legal issues in a far away country that will ultimately drag on well past its sell by date.

Vista was a pig when it was conceived, it failed to arrive on time and was sold to people that couldn't use it. Which is the background to this story. Vista Capable Machines. (It takes so long to start and to close that another set of claimants are suing Microsoft over that aspect of it. But that's another story.)

It seems that Vista was tailored to suit both Intel (over all other chip manufacturers) and the recording industry (over all other file sharers) and purposefully bars legacy hardware from doing what other operating systems seem to be capable of doing with far less file space required.

All this to allow Microsoft to get a new flagship in the water to replace an operating system that needed third party software to run DVD. And Vista doesn't run the latest optics does it?

(I haven't a clue and care less.)

When Microsoft comes out with another flagship, Vista will still be less capable than XP as XP is the one I am using and by default all other OSs are incapable of running on my PC.

If I were a computer software manufacturer and I wanted to service relatively tame customers, what I would do is seriously upgrade the system I had already sold them and which they were happy with and sell the results to them all over again.

What could be simpler than that?

Someone is going to come out with a Linux distribution that is so like XP that apart from some cosmetics to satisfy copyright laws, the average XP user is going to be able to make a seamless switch to it.

And I shall be one of them.


4 thoughts on “Skullduggery

  1. '…a seamless switch…"That would be nice. All this technical computer stuff is mind boggling. I don't know anything about Vista and ever since my computer crash in May from a virus someone I knew sent me in an email, I haven't wanted to add anything to my pc. As much as I would like to have the Opera browser, I hesitate to download it. And, for some reason, I am unable to use my Adobe Reader because it freezes the pc upon opening it. So now, I can't read the newsletters from my art groups about meetings or shows. I've had to ask them to snail mail it. It would also be nice if a virus scan could be developed that would catch ALL viruses before they invaded your computer. My computer guy said it is impossible because the bad stuff is being created faster than the good stuff. He should know. He used to work for the government. He told me about a hacker who cost several financial institutions millions with his virus. The government found the 17 yr old living with his mom and hired him. What message does that send?

  2. Hi.Yes it is a recurring problem with crime that the good guys are left trailing in the dust. However the baddies only have to make one mistake and then they too join the targets.I find that given a week or so, most of the freeware I use is able to catch up with the bugs that threaten. That is because as with all other crimes, there are more good guys in the game than there are bad ones.You aught to get the stuff from Opera, its security is as good as Firefox. The same goes for other well known companies; even if you wait for their updates to be settled-in for fear of glitches. The latest Flash player doesn't work well with an educational site in NASA of all places.It's probably been fixed by now. It was the same with this site. Last week it was all over the place, now I really like it. The photo uploads thing is much easier to get along with than I remember the previous one.But it boils down to being your choice in the end, if you are not happy, don't do it.

  3. I will more than likely download Opera in the very near future. Just waiting a bit for all the bugs that people are writing about to be fixed. The NASA/Hubbell site is one of my favorites. Amazing photos of outer space. BTW, I've been reading some of your posts on science and the weather. I know very little but find them interesting. Even though I don't comment, rest assured I am reading them. Wish I'd known about Opera and your blog when I was taking my two required science classes, one at a community college and one at ASU (Arizona State University).

  4. I wish I had been posting to it too rather than stifling myself and misbehaving elsewhere.What I like is that you can post illustrations in illustration -and a picture pints a thousand words.

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