When the penny drops.

A number of things have been buzzing through my head today. Not least among them is that I was caught with my pants down once again. …

From these links: San Francisco State University you can work out two things:
1. The relationship with earthquakes and weather is related to the angle of incidence on the globe.
2. That if there are two storms arriving, leaving or arriving and leaving, at the same time the intensity of the quake increases.

I am in a bit of an hole with this one though as there are just too many weather features leaving the continent and too many quakes occurring on it to allow me, with my limited knowledge of the subject, to really form a picture of what is going on.

But something occurred to me this evening when I was wondering where to start with this blog. I'd noticed that the incidence of one with the other is that a front leaving North America seems to have a diagonally opposite reaction with the related quake. In other words:

If the air mass leaving the continent leaves from Newfoundland, the quake is likely to occur in Mexico or California.
If the mass leaves from the southern US states, the quake will be in Canada or Alaska.

So I was looking at that deep Low over the Baltic last night and wondering what that meant. I should have known. Baltic state Lows are related to Indonesian activity.

Then the penny dropped. The relationship isn't so much that Continental N. America is wrapped with the angle of 80 degrees and that Eurasian ones are wrapped around with 120 degrees. The angle is the measure of the continent involved.

Eurasian quakes are related to the Eurasian weather almost exactly the same way as the North American ones are. What a dunce!

Why did it take me so long to see that?
I deserve a good kicking!

I just thought it was something to do with shadow zones. I wonder if the explanation for shadow zones is the land masses involved. What an absolute dummy!!!!!

Unfortunately, the angular distance is something like 55 degrees from the storm ccentre roughly over Tallinn,Estonia:

7.3 M at 55N 150E.gif

Just because it doesn't fit my preconceptions doesn't mean it's true though.


3 thoughts on “When the penny drops.

  1. What annoys me… what REALLY annoys me is that one of the first things I looked at when I started to get involved in earth science, was that Britain gets weather like Japan gets earthquakes.When I found out Japan gets weather too, I just dropped it. That was some 10 to 15 years ago. What a dimwit!What a total loser.OOOOFffffffffff.

  2. Fascinating. I wish I could understand it better. In another of your posts, you said something about the human body and how it feels when certain events are occurring throughout the world. Ok…about ten years ago, all of my joints were hurting terribly. That subsided, then reoccurred five years later. The pain subsided again but now, again five years after the last occurrence, the joint pain is back. I woke up yesterday with much pain. It is still here today. Is there something going on in the world (besides my body getting older) that is making this happen?

  3. Originally posted by PainterWoman:

    I wish I could understand it better.

    Basically I think that the …Start again, now I know it is related to a pulse that runs over or through the continent, a precipitation (rain or something even fog in two connected places such as in North America, Florida and California) can be forecast by the weather people. But they won't be looking for a connection as dramatic as this.So it must be similar in Eurasia when a deep low affects one part something will kick off in another part. Something similar and forecastable.In the bible, god says that he will never do anything to us without telling us about it first.When a natural disaster is involved and men end up declaring themselves atheists because a god wouldn't refuse to act to help his worshippers.Well he does and these disasters are our fault not his. It is and act of god but at the same time he has put it in our hearts to search out his ways and when we do that he lets himself be found.OK when your child dies in agony thinking things like that in the cold light of day has to be put on hold for several years.But humanity is erected to cope with blips like that.And a hideous quake in Russia or wherever can be forecast from more than one sort of warning sign.But god isn't just up against our ignorance here. He is up against one of his sons. Maybe he doesn't want to destroy that son. I would. But I am not god.And this son is much more powerful a game player than the Russian and US Mafias. Releasing just the right amount of the wrong information at just the perfect moment to do damage to his enemies.When the only minister in the British Cabinet to oppose Tory B Liar over the Illegal War was in the process of resigning, the newspapers suddenly got wind of the fact he was an alcoholic serial adulterer.And because he was an addict who couldn't keep his penis under control, there was no opposition to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan.Now Robin Cook is dead, which is convenient and that is just the way politics is run on this planet at the moment -by men.There is no blaming god for that is there?How does he vote in an election?He abstains.So all those deaths are OUR choices not his. AND… if anyone is going to blame anyone about them it is god who is going to blame us.And the same is true for earthquakes and things like the disappearance of New Orleans. None of which is any fault of god.We would not be able to live without rain but along with the rain comes danger if we choose to build houses badly. We make laws about buildings. Not god.So we can't blame him. But he can blame us. And he will. But that doesn't mean he will punish us with natural disasters. In fact he makes us do the research he inspires us to improve.And patient inquisitive men will search for what is going on and endeavour to explain it. So it is with my weird ideas. Someone will coma along and explain them. Then I will be able to understand it.Wonderful inventions have come from people who are deeply religious, logical balanced men. Giants and the reason must be that he is not going to use fools.Is he?Would you?Disasters are merely products of the way we live. It can't be any more simple than that. And our inability to see what is going on is because opponents of god want us blind-sided.He wants us to believe we can't do these things. This opponent is called Satan.And he is in control of things at the moment. But his control is weak because it is based on lies. It resembles the British and US government alliance in many ways in its operation.And if we are strong enough to only accept the truth; examined boldly with all logic and respect, we will be able to pull the coal off the fire.And at the moment that is all that god wants us to do. If we analyse our actions in this way we realise the important things we should have done in our lives and this knowledge gives us our strength to do better next time.But that means you also need the strength to stand up to a mirror of ourselves and say this is what I need to do…As for me I am just looking at this stuff to clear god's name and that is what I have done. I am pleased with that and only that in my life. The rest has been a history of how not to do things like live.One day earthquake forecasts will be taken for granted the way we take for granted weather forecasts. We do marvellous thing that would have daily saved hundreds of lives an hundred years ago.We don't remember the people involved like Beaufort anf FitzRoy or Lanchester and that other bloke. We may have heard of Bjerknes and his crew.But most of us haven't and there will be kids in schools all over the world one day, bored silly over having to learn these things that we can barely grasp at the moment.At the moment there are colleges, not schools dedicated to teaching our children that what we are seeing is not possible. That earthquake forecasts are not possible.They set impossible goals for researchers to fail to achieve and cite this as proof, as though it is possible to prove the impossible is impossible.They are ridiculous and they live in their own darkness and call it light. And everyone believes them because they are scientists.But scientists kill babies. They torture animals and they invent death machines. And they are respected world wide and given accolades and I am a kook.And I don't care a toss. Let god handle that. Stuff them all. I dun my bit.

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