Not knowing all the angles

I thought I was getting somewhere yesterday.
Today I can't even find my own drawing board. …

It is about 57 degrees from Tallinn to the epicentre of that large magnitude quake off Kamchatka yesterday.

I just checked and that major storm system immediately prior to the Banda Atjeh quake on Boxing Day 2004 was some 77 degrees -using Tallinn as the centre once again.

I don't remember where the storm centre was and the charts don't go far enough back (and they hid the archives at the end of my world in Exitdoor) so I can't be specific.

What I am sure of is that if I was trying to muddle through like this in the court of King Nebuchadnezzar, I'd be one of the astrologers getting fed to the lions.

In China they have a legend about two royal astronomers who failed to forecast a lunar eclipse. They got the chop too.

I'm glad I live in Britain. Failure here is not an option. It is expected.
Julius Caesar accused us of superstition, that we believed the sky is falling in on us.

As far as I'm concerned, it just did.

The only good thing about all this is that after the depression lifts, I might come up with another idea. At the moment, though, I am out of options.


I was hoping to try and connect vector analysis with storm power outputs and suggest some form of method for gauging the interaction between quakes and storms.

The worst thing about all this is that I still know I am right. When two consecutive quakes occur uninterrupted by any other quakes, a storm dies and it dies on a logarithmic sliding scale. That's an inverse square law isn't it?

And when a <7M occurs it twists the weather out of kilter world wide.
Or corrects it.
Either way it is the same inverse reaction.

My brayn hertz.


2 thoughts on “Not knowing all the angles

  1. These things are as regular as joint pain for people with arthritis.I am one of the lucky few who gets it in the neck for earthquakes, lower back too. And leg cramps for tornadoes.Since they are practically related I get it both ways with no respite some spells. I read the Charlotte King Effect article posted to a forum about Californian earthquakes.Looks like she has her own site now. About time. She hears them and it affects her health too. Apparently she has got it off to a fine art, locating the likelihood with the location of her discomfort.As for me it's mostly guesswork but it is just as likely to be a local bit of bad weather as it is to be a seismic event overseas. I can't fault the tornadoes though. I don't drink these days but I was well on the verge of alcoholism at one point and suffering awful problems with tornado events.I can't say it has cured things because if you look at the scoreboard, there haven't been any tornadoes in the USA at least, for ages.We have had an unusual number of west coast quakes though I believe. I may be wrong, I don't follow low magnitude quakes much.A couple of like minded people. Petra and Don are looking at every aspect of the psychosomatics of this stuff.They are doing some amateur research roughly along the lines of that Chinese proffessor that forecast the Tangshan quake in the 1970's.I really don't recommend accessing a Chinese web site, even a State organisation's but the expert is or was Wang Chengmin of the State Seismological Bureau.

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