The Charlotte King Effect.

I copied these from Ms King's site. It doesn't look like it has been updated since 1999. Still top search in Google though, logically.

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Charlotte King began hearing infra-sound in mid-May 1976.
Tests in four states revealed that she could hear in the under 10hz range. "The Charlotte King Effect."

In 1979 Charlotte noticed that the sounds would sometimes change in pitch or rhythm, and then a earthquake over 5.0 would be reported in 72 hours. If the sound had a vibrational quality the quake would hit in water. In June 1979 there was a change that woke her from a sound sleep later there was a beaching of Sperm Whales.

Then, within 72 hours of the beaching, there were reports of three quakes in Big Bear California.
In August 1979 the sounds changed and it began to vibrate, the news carried the story of another beaching of pilot whales on the East Coast.

72 hours later there was a quake measuring a magnitude of 6.2 in Hollister California. Three days later Charlotte forecast the largest aftershock of the quakes that had followed the 6.2 main shock.

She began to have headaches on a regular basis, and she also was having mild chest pain and noticed a difference in the pain she was feeling and began calling the local ABC TV station in Portland, and started giving quake predictions. Although she was not able to give the location in most cases, she was able to give the time, magnitude and whether the quakes were water or land based.

16th of March, 1980. The headache that was now a daily part of her life. The University of Washington had recorded the first quake under the surface of Mt St Helens, a magnitude of 4.2.

On March 27th she was sitting with tears rolling down her face in pain. In the car a song was interrupted, Mt. St. Helens has had its first ash eruption. From March 27th she "heard" earthquakes, and could "feel" volcanoes. On April 30th her now daily migraine was taking on an added dimension and she was having a lot of trouble walking without leaning to the left.

She noticed the her face was spotty, and there seemed to be small broken blood vessels under the skin. Later she noticed that the backs of her hands were also spotty like her cheeks. Later in the day she began to have trouble doing her work, between the migraine, and the balance problems and vertigo.

Later instead of walking to her desk she walked into the wall across the room. Not able to do the job she gave her resignation. Later that night, Mt. St. Helens, had a 5.2 magnitude earthquake and the ash shot thousands of feet into the air.

May 15, a man she had been talking to came to measure the sounds and vibrations that she could hear and feel. During the meeting it became very dark and all the sudden there was a severe hail storm, she realized that the volcano was capable of creating its own weather. Nearly all the eruptions of 1980 were proceeded by hail in West Salem.

On Friday Charlotte was walking at a angle and her hands were spotty and that she seemed to be in a lot of pain. At Lake Oswego High School (as their science project) Charlotte told the class that she was very ill and that the furniture in the room was carrying a vibration – and that something major was going to happen on the mountain in less than 48 hours.

Charlotte made one more call that weekend, to Dr. Melvin Kriethen, in Massachusetts, and told him basically the same thing, that the mountain was going to blow in 12 hours or less, and hung up. About 5:00AM she glanced up at the sky. She remembers it was the color of fire or hot lava, and burst into tears. She knew, she said aloud, "People are going to die." Shortly after 8:32 AM St. Helens had a major eruption.

Dr. Neville Pimstone, examined her and said, "You are being affected by the environment, aren't you?"

"How do you know?"

"I am from South Africa, and I see this all the time from the winds, we have the Swanees and the Fones and the people who are sensitive react the same way."

If the quake was magnitude 5.0 or greater, she felt it. If it was 6.0 or greater, she called and logged a prediction. Project Migraine now had twelve members, and the letters of other possible sensitives kept pouring in. Charlotte was sent to a total of four states for medical and scientific testing.

She was the only one to be tested in this manner. She was tested in Hyperbaric Decompression Chambers, in Anchoic Chambers and Thermographic Research Labs as well as the State Schools for the Deaf and the US Bureau of Standards. ALL the tests revealed the same thing – that she could hear in the lower frequencies not normally heard by humans, and that she had a very high sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

The majority of the sensitives have the same symptoms, most of them would experience the same symptom at the same time in the same part of their body no matter where they lived.

In 1992, 1993, and 1994 the earth shook with a vengeance and the pains were again felt on a daily basis. These pains were felt not only by Charlotte, but by people who were calling her from as far away as New York, Pennsylvania and Alaska, besides the dozens of calls from California, and even callers from New Zealand and Australia.

One of the worst times was centered around the activity in Southern California's Yucca Valley, Landers and Joshua Tree. It was discovered that if a quake were building in these areas that it felt very volcanic in nature, and the headache was full blown migraine, that people had vertigo problems and the heart was hurting with small, sharp electrical-like shocks.

The quakes of Landers and Yucca Valley in 1992 took their toll, and this is was made more painful by the loss of her father in March 1992. He too was sensitive.

LA Magazine confirmed that the information was given to Cal tech prior to the January 17, 1994, Northridge Quake, as well as the March 20, 1994, aftershock.

Since the January 1994 Northridge quake, Charlotte has kept her record for accuracy intact.. she accurately predicted the quakes in Turkey, her prediction was for the Aegean Sea and Taiwan, Greece, Oaxaca Mexico and most recently her startling accurate prediction for Jousha Tree California.. Just hours before the quake she put out a warning to her subscribers and others, to watch Landers, Yucca Valley, and Joshua Tree.

Are You Earthquake Sensitive?

Through the efforts of Charlotte King and Chris Dodge of the US Library of Congress, a volunteer research project was born: "Project Migraine."

There may be, in addition to Charlotte, thousands who may be able to "feel and hear" earthquake and volcanic eruptions. If you walk into a room and bump into furniture or you go to pour some juice and miss the glass, or go to put sugar in your tea and end up with sugar on the table, you may be clumsy, or you may be a potential biological sensitive..

If you go to pick up your car keys or a book and drop it, and pick it up again and again it slips through your fingers, these are all symptoms of problems being caused by depth perception, which is affected by the EMF changes your body is responding to.

If you never get headaches and all the sudden you get one without any particular stress or other trigger, and then just as suddenly it is gone, watch the papers or listen to the news, and see where the earthquake strikes in 12-72 hours.. usually over 5.0 unless it is local to where you are.

Do you all the sudden crave popcorn.. you don't know why.. you just want it; this is a definite precursor to earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, the event will hit within 12-24 hours.

Order Charlotte's pamphlet that shows the relationship between body symptoms, earthquakes, and volcanic activity.

Some more stuff here.

Petra Challus' and Don Eck's pages.


2 thoughts on “The Charlotte King Effect.

  1. Here is the spread of >4M. earthquakes since the last big one:26th November 084.7 12:07:33 Mindoro, Philippines4.9 04:47:02 Chagos Archipelago Region5.3 04:02:09 Vanuatu4.6 02:10:42 Tonga Region25th November 085.0 15:05:38 Mozambique5.3 15:04:45 Tonga Region5.4 12:40:12 Alamagan Reg., Northern Mariana Islands5.0 10:21:23 Mindanao, Philippines4.9 06:03:16 Vanuatu5.6 01:36:31 Kermadec Islands, New Zealand4.9 01:19:48 Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge24th November 084.1 22:49:52 Northern Yukon Territory, Canada4.9 19:53:33 Eastern New Guinea Reg, Papua New Guinea4.8 18:44:20 Near The East Coast Of Kamchatka, Russia7.3 09:02:59 Sea Of OkhotskSince it is the proximity of these quakes, or the occurrence of fairly large magnitude ones, that seem control the weather (as Ms King states volcanic eruptions can do) it aught to be possible to verify how much input 2 quakes of 4 to 5 M. compare to that of a quake of 7 to 8 M.There is a growing storm in the Indian Ocean at the moment.It will increase so long as there are no large magnitude earthquakes or a pair of consecutive ones in the same location. A stone in my shoe with this plaint is that there are any number of double and triple quakes of less than 4 M. in Alaska and Puerto Rico.I imagine they are all some 80 degrees from wherever the lows and high pressure systems are leaving the continent. It is coincidence but then, all it takes to perform miracles is:Timing.As a codicil, I have to admit that I didn't catch that Vanuatu one on the 26th. I may have felt discomfort but at my age, that is quite normal.

  2. I have to admit that I didn't catch that Vanuatu one on the 26th. I may have felt discomfort but at my age, that is quite normal.

    I didn't catch this one either: 5.9 M. 2008/11/27 @ 17:32, Vanuatu; so it must be the weather locally -if it is anything. Pity. I always wanted to be Superman.Sheesh, I just realised I am sorry I am not in pain.What a jerk!(Sorry Vanuatuans, you are on your own.)

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