An interesting sequence

Sun by seven, rain by eleven? …

I forget how the adage goes for British weather. With the moon the times of 11 and 5 o'clock tend to bring anticyclonic weather. And with a time of phase at 1 or 7 o'clock the weather tends to be cyclonic. We will be able to see if this is true for winter in a few days time.

Over the next four weeks or so, these spells should be in the air:
Nov 19 21:31
Nov 27 16:55
Dec 5 21:26
Dec 12 16:37

These last two see the year out:
Dec 19 10:29
Dec 27 12:23

As we have seen the half hourly ones are somewhat unstable. I always stall over them. Had this last phase been precisely on the hour I'd have said a lot of thunder in Britain but things went pear shaped from the start with a blocking High, something more in tune with summery weather.

Not many tropical storms and nothing too powerful. But a massive quake and several in the 6 M. range. Which probable explains the absence of the tropical flows. I wonder how blocking highs relate to severe quakes.

From Decemer the fifth we should have another bite at that particular apple. The spell is almost identical.

From the 27th November the time of the phas almost falling smack on 5'clock, it should be anticyclonic. More or less as it is now. Though the TV forecasts are for wet weather. So don't hold your breath waiting for me to be right.

If contemporary methods are accurate and run against what I am saying that is a sure sign of super typhoons (Cat 2 to 5 hurricanes in their season.) The season is decidedly southern hemisphere by now so the Indian Ocean and surrounding AUstralia with some activity around Madagasgar most likely.

This spell almost repeats on the 12th December, not so stable though. I have a lot of angst with times 20 minutes to or past the hour.

Then another one at half ten. (Look out western North America I think that tends to be volcanic stuff. Look out for low Highs and high Lows.)

And finally, we have had a few of these this year, so check with record for weather in your locality and see how they ran:
27th December 12:23


I get these numbers in my head though I don't know how they come.
When the planet goes critical I see them at every turn.
Dividing and multiplying
Exchanging with ease
When times are mysterious
Serious numbers are easy to please

I have a psychosis and a simply complicated life, full of numbers swirling thick and furious that cut like a knife.
They have taken my life

Two times two is twenty-two
Four times four is forty-four
When numbers get serious
They leave a mark on your door
Urgent. Urgent.

Six six six blaring at me always
When times are mysterious
Serious numbers will speak to us these days
I'm no good with numbers but with these I am at ease
We've got numbers by the oceans here and overseas

And some are linked to the Baltic, Greece and Japan
From the Carolinas to Alaska
Above and underground
In every way they are all around

So slap me, strap me but watch them do; they are no harm to me or you.
And I'm their hapless volunteer to free mankind from number's fear.
For they don't mean us any harm, be reassured.

You can count on The Word
When times are mysterious
Serious numbers
Will always be heard.

And as the planet settles down -when a new spell has begun.
We know the numbers must return
Sevens and sixes become fives and fours.
And repercussions Highs and Lows
Numbers come and numbers go
To let everybody know
Numbers make the garden grow.


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