God Almighty.

Or not, as the case may be. …

Originally posted by HiRISE Operations Center:

Aeolian geology is the study of landforms formed by wind.

On Mars, where other processes such as fluvial erosion, volcanism, and tectonism are slow, intermittent, or do not occur in the present era, aeolian activity is the most dynamic geologic process in non-polar areas.

Numerous depositional and erosional landforms attributable to wind activity are present. On a large scale seen from previous orbiters these include dunes, ripples, yardangs, wind tails, and dust devil tracks. At the small scale seen from landers and rovers, drifts, erosional moats, wind tails, ripples, and ventifacts are found.

HiRISE, with its high resolution, color imaging, and ability to produce precise digital elevation models at small scales, should significantly advance our understanding of Martian aeolian processes, providing a link between features seen with older, lower resolution imaging systems and those observed at the landing site scale.

That is one school of thought.

I can remember falling out with the owner of a webpage, a geologist who was adamant that water erosion created the Grand Canyon. He then went on about "mass wasting". (Which is a slightly different process.)

Something causes a valley, be it rift or what is left when two mountain ranges grow either side of a plain or plateau. Once you have a valley, you can have a river (as opposed to a marsh, lake or flood plain.) Once you have a river you can have mass wasting or the transportation of debris.

With the Grand Canyon, in summer storms you can have very large debris shifted. I can't see that rainfall will remove particles of debris that are not already loose. It certainly won't carve out boulders. And if it did, the process is not something likely to take eons.

Well, is it?

A bit of scriptural stuff:

In its references to god, one gets the impression a lot of his power relates to loud noises. And to this very day that is how we remove mountains and plant them in our furnaces and on our roads and in our cement mixers.

Wouldn't you think that some of its references would be to nuclear fission or fusion if there was a smattering of that involved?

Having said that, he is referred to as a time lord or as the god of eternity. So perhaps there is that smattering of chronological procession involved. But is it strictly a limiting factor?

With an almighty god?

So what limitations are we going to put on almightiness?
I suppose that means I will have to take a look at his descriptions again. One thing that strikes me as sure though, if he created the mountains on earth he must have used the same processes as on Mars. And if he created erosion too, I'd like to know how he manages wind erosion on a planet that has about 1 percent of our atmosphere.


One thought on “God Almighty.

  1. I have just been told that most of god's power is referred to as him having the power of the wind.I bet there were storms in heaven when they hit on Aoleus as the god of carving out landscapes on M..mmm… I bet he was peeved somewhat at the naming of the planets."WHAT! THEY'LL BE WORSHIPPING CROSSES NEXT!!""Excuse me your Almightiness, they've been doing that for the last 2000 years.""WHAT!!! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?!!!!""Well, it's your own fault, your Omnisicence, you have got your head in the clouds."

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