Some problems with force

And my own peculiar solutions to them.
All my own work so no appeals to common sense or higher physics. …

Inertia is the lapse or delay in action of force on a solid. Fluids have that reaction and an internal one attached to it. They resonate. They can set up internal tides or vibrations. But if they are tightly contained, what then?

I don't know. Hydraulics is the science that deals with holes in any such containers. I am not au fait with that. Something called hysterisis I think.

Then there are the forces that act on forces. I think that is called synergy. It is the term I use at any rate. You hit something twice as hard, it goes twice as far, right?

What if you reach a critical point where part of the missile collapses? Wouldn't hitting it twice with half the critical force each time have more effect?

I don't know. Or rather, …it all depends.

These are all problems that are associated with fluid mechanics.

What I do know is that if two similarly timed phases of the moon occur, the effect of the spell is increased magestically. So much so that the inertia or hysterisis -or whatever it might turn out to be, can send the system into criticallity of the sort that produces radical changes.

And that is my explanation of why and how hurricanes or earthquakes in one part of the planet can affect the weather in another part.


2 thoughts on “Some problems with force

  1. The subject goes a bit deep but this page is fairly cool.Compare these images.I was looking at something similar sanding a board one day. A cup of tea on it was vibrating to the motor in the sander and I found the shapes fascinating.I always wondered if the frequencies could couple with earth's chemistry to make crystals. And how could I use the idea to get rich manufacturing flawless emeralds.Anyone got a few thousand they could lend me to find out? I always fancied a lump of Alexandrite.

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