The end of the affair

There always seems to be an hiatus in the middle of most spells. Sometimes it is so radical the next spell comes in at that time. Sometimes the old weather returns. …

The norther cyclones are five and six days long. They can be intense but since they are at their worst when the leaves are stripped bare, little damage ocurs. Houses here are built to withstand them. In warmer climes is is cheaper and safer to build thin and light and rebuild every so many years when your house is blown away.

That takes the concerted effort of the tribe or village and doesn't allow for insurrection and crime which has always been common in the northern hemisphere but was unknown in the tropics before we civilised them.

There is a series of severe Lows blowing across the North Pacific at the moment. Here is an example:

It goes ashore at British Colombia, Washington or Oregon and crosses to Newfoundland; one way or another. I don't know what the big deal with the upper atmosphere is.


Today's forecast.

Meanwhile on the Unisys North America chart it looks like that region of green is starting again.

To be honest, I don't really know exactly what the green is supposed to represent.


One thought on “The end of the affair

  1. If as I suspect, the green on the Unisys chart is precipitation then, a forecast for rain in Florida concomitant with rain in Central California is a forecast for an earthquake in Central California in this sort of spell at this particular point of a cycle (which as yet remains open to speculation.)And if you stick with something like this long enough and are not too depressed by being wrong all the band time, you will eventually stop falling down over the bandy obvious.My greatest respect to the one true god but why the hell was I allowed to struggle like this? Didn't you hear me ask for help?Thank you through the redeemer who made this possible and brought it to fruition eventually. What kept you?And can I have some munie now?

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