”Lord” ”keep” ”me” ”from” ”the” ”foggy” ”foggy” ”dew”.’.

Of mists and tornadoes. …

There have been few tornadoes for quite some time now. This is in keeping with the absence of the misty weather that normally occurs during the cycles that involve them.

This post follows on from a recent post about the interaction of the weather in the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The cycle that brings tornadoes seems to have ended this year with the advent of a series of spells that induced lots of minor earthquakes in California. There is nothing unusual in such small tremors except that in the case of these quakes they duplicate.

And such duplications add to the overall intensity value as weather stoppers. I don't claim to know what is going on.

I am sure that when more is know it will be seena as much more elaborate than it appears to me at the moment. But that is how the shoulders of giants are built, people not appreciating just how big a task they are taking on and never ever seeing all the pieces until the the picture is finished.

Misty weather tends to occur when the phase of the moon is at 00:00, 12:00 or 06:00 and 18:00.

Tornadoes tend to occur when the phase is about 02:00 or similar variables as above. Derechos an hour later. Thundery stuff in there, so to speak.

Thunder in Britain at about 3 or 9 o'clock. So interpolate from there.

Variation apply according to storms and earthquakes but then again tornadoes and supercells have that effect too.

Awkward to work on.

I have lost track of what I wanted to say on here.


When I was silly I never went to the pub I thought of what god made
So I walked in the hills with my dog and my gun
And I hid from the sun in the shade
I shot crows and rabbits and when I was done I walked home from the glade though if I'd stayed longer it still wouldn't scan. Diddly diddly dum diddlie-aye.

One day I lay in my bedroom shooting out of the gloo-oom
My mother cried I thought someone's died
She said what did you do-oo?
I shot a policeman's son right in the bum.
Now he won't steal apples from you

I don't know what that has to do with foggy foggy due. They took my gun off me and let me off with a caution. Which I thought was rather poetic because it didn't rhyme at all.

Nor scan-oo-oo-ooh.


4 thoughts on “”Lord” ”keep” ”me” ”from” ”the” ”foggy” ”foggy” ”dew”.’.

  1. I don't know why that song reminded me of that anecdote.I had just come home. I was about thirty, it was before I got married. I caught some kids stealing apples and my mam couldn't get me to understand she had allowed them to help themselves. They were taking our apples and that's all I knew.Bit like a dog who can only bark for attention. I didn't know about lolling and rolling over. So I went up the town and got a cheap gun, an airgun for a fiver. It was broken and the barrel wouldn't stay in the stock.You had to wrap your hand right around the barrel to hold it and put your thumb over the other end while squeezing the trigger, just to keep it in the stock when you fired it.I didn't want to spend any money on a good gun as my dog was too old for going hunting and I didn't want another one in those days. I didn't like killing much by then any way.It isn't sport if they can't shoot you back. It's the worst form of bullying. I was good enough at that in those days.So I waited in my room practicing with this gun every so often.Then one weekend they were lined up on our wall like crows. And they send one lad in and he crept along like a regular thief so I shot him.I was full of adrenaline so I missed. He heard the pop so I bent down to load it again under the window as quietly as I could and he waited there for me with his knees out in profile, ready to run as soon as his mates would let him.But I was steady for the next shot. I hit him smack in the knee and he yelled: "AAWWW!" and ran for the wall. Hiding behind next door's tree on this wall a patch of blue appeared quite low down so I shot it.Another hit and a yell and they ran.I forgot all about it. I remember seeing a fat cop looking for pellets where the gun couldn't possibly reach. I wonder what he thought I was using?Nothing happened for a couple of weeks and I forgot all about it. Then the police called and I wasn't in.Where is he?Up the hill the other side of town helping his friend with a lorry.Phone him.So she phoned him.It's for you.Hello?Weatherlawyer?S'matter mam?The police are here.What do they want?They want to speak to you.Put them on.They want you to come home.Now?Yes.What for?I'd forgotten all about the shooting by then.They want to speak to you.Ask them what about.So I stood there for about quarter of an hour while she spoke to them. "They wouldn't say."She sounded poorly but the gaskets hadn't come and he needed help to get him back to work. So I said:Tell them I will call in later.When?After we finish, he can't put the cylinder head back by himself. Don't be silly mam. I haven't done anything wrong. I tried to reassure her.The parts never came so I went home. But I never bothered going to the police. I couldn't think why I should. Then one day they came around when I was home.Are you Mr So and so?Yes.Have you got an airgun?And the penny dropped. Oh, what is it? Someone been shooting the church windows again? (Knowing full well by now what this is about.)Can we see the gun?I gave it to them. Is this the only gun you have?Yes. I bought it off so and so gunshop just before so and so date.(Which they checked I imagine.)It was the father of the lad I'd shot who took the gun off me. He wasn't happy with me but what could he do? They offered me the gun back if I wanted to go around for it.Well I wasn't going to let them at me again so I told them how sorry I was and didn't want it.The funny thing is, I bought one a year or two back for 150 quid and used it 3 times before it broke.The moral of the story is that you can never be sure of what you can get for a fiver but it is a better bargain than what you might get for thirty times as much.

  2. I've just remembered what this post was supposed to be about.These phases for the last days of this year and early in the next one:Dec 27 12:23 2009 Jan 4 11:56 Jan 11 03:27 Jan 18 02:46 Jan 26 07:55 Feb 2 23:13 Feb 9 14:49 Feb 16 21:37 Feb 25 01:35 Mar 4 07:46 Mar 11 02:38 Mar 18 17:47 Mar 26 16:06 Apr 2 14:34 Apr 9 14:56 Apr 17 13:36 Apr 25 03:23http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/phase/phases2001.htmlNo promises but it might be worth keeping your eyes peeled.If you want an office programme to help you keep track try ht2pstrokes:w3.openoffice.org

  3. No idea. What do you suppose this means:

    If you want an office programme to help you keep track try ht2pstrokes:w3.openoffice.org

    Do I have tto go back to 2008 to check WordPress and fix the paragraph spacings?

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