Here we go again.

The spell for 5th to the 12th of December 2008. …

Full functionality will return as soon as possible.

Low pressure is at home over Britain. It belongs here, lowering over a violent, drunken gang of depressive maniacs.

And whilst the Low persists, the earth will be at peace -rather like a large dog directing the attention of cornered burglars.

At the moment the pressure is falling apart and the cloud of Lows is dancing as in a ring of agitators without out a cause. It will either fall apart and go its separate ways or it will regroup and there will be damage done.

So much for anthropomorphism. Here are the charts:
Here come twin fronts again.
Dancing across the sky to a melody.
Right before your eyes like a tragedy.
Is it raining, with you?


Now that they are here again
And for a spell they will remain
What do they tell?
Tell me you can see
What they are telling me.


Here comes that fog again.
Rolling back like a memory.
What will come next, I can not see.
I have charts though, it's true.

Talk to me like lovers do
Talk to me…. what will be?

Here comes that fog again. I don't remember what it brings. All sorts of what evil things… or nothing is due?

Talk to me.
Talk to me.


This is the Hiatus I told you about in the last spell that a large quake or double quake can cause. Also Severe storms do it too. Usually when they broach (come ashore.)

It's when the combination of Lows that make a deep Low fall out of he system and go their own separate ways. In this case on these charts it was over the top of Lapland.

Now there is another type of Low off Newfoundland, covering the region where the Gulf Stream's track is narrowest.

It must be signalling the end of all those multi tremors the North AMerican Continent has been having. And the return to good old fashioned tornadoes.

The Ice Storms cometh.



21 thoughts on “Here we go again.

  1. 5th December 20082.6 M. @13:52 Dominican Republic Region2.7 M. @12:15 Central California3.6 M. @10:08 Central Alaska2.7 M. @08:22 Virgin Islands Region3.0 M. @07:48 Puerto Rico Region2.8 M. @06:27 Puerto Rico Region2.5 M. @05:14 Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska2.5 M. @04:10 Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska3.0 M. @03:10 Puerto Rico Region3.2 M. @01:19 Puerto Rico Region2.5 M. @01:04 Puerto Rico Region3.0 M. @00:04 Puerto Rico RegionImagine there are no earthquakesit's easy if you tryJust tremors like these below usAbove us just blue skyImagine Chinese children with no need to dieBut we build with rotten concrete,thin re-enforcing barsAnd the sons of communismdie in disastersThey can't say god is the reason(Their religions don't have one.)Which leaves them no excusesbut what we men have done.That central Alaskan was posted as a 4.3 originally. This means now, that that gale 07B will build larger than the 40/45 knots first advised.Lots of pairings though so maybe not? I don't know.

  2. It has been a beautiful day here. In winter that means deep frost and maybe mists. The sky goes from blue to gold to red.Clouds turn red as the sun goes into the horizon, they become incandescent as the light refracts from strawberry ice-cream to purple to stone grey and the stars come out.Knowing all the angles, you can tell the time from almost anything in the sky.15 degrees of separation.You get this effect when a cyclone is some 15 degrees away. As you can see from the map, North Wales and that section of the Irish Sea is the centre of the British Isles.It is one of the worlds smallest gyres that isn't a whirlpool. It has the genetics of a whirlpool: A deep trench and a marked pinnacle.(Actually two pinnacles Anglesey and the Isle of Man.)It is the Isle of Man that is the operative one in there though.(Anglesey has it's own whirlpool: The Swillies.) The point is that …I don't know what the point is. Something to do with tides. It's an interesting place.

  3. Vulcanism, I think. The Lows are not that low and there is only one high High.I think things will explode in the Pacific. I really can't remember what happened just a couple of weeks ago. I wonder why.Maybe it's because I don't like surprises?*******That Unisys site is showing a green patch entering at California and one leaving on the east coast at the same time. San Fransisco and Cape Hatteras I think? Anyone looking? Here.

  4. A gathering storm again. I had expected this deep Low to move into Europe not scud up the Arctic.I hate being confused all the damned time.

  5. So when the Lows gather, they deepen and they deepen to about 10 millibars per Low. And they reach criticality at about 950 to 960 millibars.When there is marked dart boarding, there is a severe earthquake -or more likely two earthquakes at the same time and place.After the quake the weather changes or rather at the same time as the quake the weather changes.How could it not? Nothing remains critical for long. That's the point of it being critical.How and why is still a mystery but now there is no excuse for not doing or not redoing fundamental research into the evidence I have presented.But that isn't going to happen with this generation of no-hopers. Geo science is in the hands of lions led by donkeys. One day a new generation of professors will take the place of the present wooden-tops.Here's hoping.

  6. That last link to the NEIC site is showing this:7.0 2008/12/09 06:24:03 -31.060 -177.029 35.0 KERMADEC ISLANDS REGIONat the time of writing

  7. 12:45 am and leg cramps. Three drastic reports of tornadic touchdowns so far and a returnwith a vengeance of tornadic weather.It took a severe earthquake to do it and if I remember correctly a severe earthquake to see them off.Only one reported on here so far but that doesn't mean much. They are only preliminaries:0536 5 NE BROKEN ARROW WAGONER OK 3610 9573 AN EF1 TORNADO OCCURRED NEAR THE INTERSECTION OF 43RD STREET SOUTH AND 210TH STREET EAST. A MOBILE HOME AND BARN WERE DESTROYED. (TSA)I am washed out and want to go back to bed but I have leg cramps and that means I had best stay up. And that my sympathies are with the people of Broken Arrow. I'm banned but you might find this interesting: I am going to try for some sleep again. Buggrit!1 hour later and the other leg has cramps in the same place.

  8. Originally posted by me:

    12:45 am and leg cramps. Three drastic reports of tornadic touchdowns so far and a returnwith a vengeance of tornadic weather.[/url]I was giving warning while in pain and half asleep. I'd just been woken by leg cramps.What I meant was I'd had three warnings. I went on to have a badly interupted night I was too tired to get up and have done with them though. So spent a fitful night trying to not get uncomfortable.Which is a bit like wetting the bed and staying in it trying to use the dry bits.

  9. 1600 5 E Hineston rapides la 3113 9268 several Homes With Roof Damage Along With Numerous Trees And Power Lines Blown Down In Oak Hill Area. Large Trees Snapped In Half By A Residence On Twin Bridges Drive N (Lch)1645 alexandria rapides la 3129 9246 acme Refrigerator On Emprire Drive Had A Cinder Block Wall Almost Completely Blown Out. Reported By Kalb Tv5 In Alexandria. (Lch)1727 alexandria rapides la 3129 9246 two Tornadoes On The Ground. Reported By Red Cross. (Lch)2215 2 Sse Louise humphreys ms 3296 9058 reported Tornado On The Ground In An Open Field Near No 3 Road. (Jan)2300 1 Sse Yazoo City yazoo ms 3285 9040 numerous Trees Down And Are Blocking Old Benton Road. Trees Down Near The Intersection Of Highway 3 And Broadway. (Jan)2317 coxburg holmes ms 3300 9021 trees Down And A House Damaged In Coxburg. (Jan)0020 3 Ese Coxburg holmes ms 3298 9016 trees And Powerlines Down. Houses And A Church Damaged. (Jan)0035 3 W Kilmichael montgomery ms 3344 8962 trees Down And A Mobile Home Damaged On Hendrix Road. Probable Tornado. (Jan)0150 1 N Hamburg franklin ms 3159 9107 report Of Tornado Touchdown. Trees Down And One Home Destroyed (Jan)0321 4 Sse Brandon rankin ms 3223 8999 trees Down On Star Road And Trees On Houses. Probable Tornado. (Jan)Originally posted by from the list:

    3223 8999

    This is the latitude and longitude. Something like 30 degrees north and 90 degrees west.And now for a message to Mississippiites from George Bush's mother:Oh the weather outside is frightful, Though arson is more delightful,But now they've no place to go,Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!It shows no signs of pausing,What god alone is causing,They like it like that, you know,Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!Though it's freezing out tonight,They can sleep in such a plight,Burning what's left of home,That's the way to keep them warm.The fires are slowly dying,And there are still some surviving,But they've nowhere else to go,Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!Ho! Ho! Ho!Barb.

  10. When the stuff over the USA enters the NorthAtlantic, the stuff in the Noth Atlantic will be ready to go ashore.The next set of charts will be interesting.Double strong doubles. But where? 80 degrees from the North American coast in a long line of shoreline and two biggish Atlantic fronts. Someone will be looking at that in the archives one day and wondering WTH didn't a man with my abilities see thaat for what it is?And I'll be dead right.Well, I'll be dead, right?Something 80 ish from Britain and Norway, where is that?I can't be bothered looking.Fox and Andreanoff Islands look favourite and Fiji and Kermadec are active at the moment but it could be anywhere between Australia and Pakistan.We'll find out in th morning. I can wait 6 hours or so.

  11. This blog is a nuisance when it comes to posting pictures in the comments section. I have to go into the edit mode of the main text and insert a photo. Then cut and paste into the comment.Why not have a rich text editor available in the side bar/tab menu or comments section itself? OK a lot of people are accessing these things from non computer hardware such as phones and games consoles…But they could have a PC user sidebar available by extension or some such. Is there such a widget?

  12. The last official day of this spell is tomorrow and the present spell is in flux already but the website is down and out -totally.Must be a grave matter of national security.Lots of pairings on here which when you consider the gale blowing towards the Philippines is something to watch. Lots of Mags 6 and up in the offing. I'd be slleping out tonight if I lived in Japan or somewhere likely.And had a family. I'd be watching telly late and falling asleep when I was too tired to find the remote -as usual, if not. Always assuming having to watch TV in Japanese hadn't put me to sleep earlier.**************Lots of pairs in the Atlantic chart (as I said) but it doesn't look that different from the earlier chart nor does the US chart look much different. Which means something is building up. Not just the Asian Pacific storm.I have eaten too much again so I feel overstuffed. Other than that, I have no twinges or cramps. Gluttons won't inherit the earth but they can't half leave a lot of sssee if I care behind them.

  13. 11/12/08 6.0 21:40:54 minahasa, sulawesi, indonesia> 5.1 20:57:24 sunda strait, indonesia> 5.2 20:55:01 sunda strait, indonesia 2.8 20:47:28 andreanof islands, aleutian is., alaska 3.0 18:41:17 puerto rico region 5.5 17:06:10 kepulauan mentawai region, indonesia 4.8 16:40:36 kermadec islands region 4.9 16:29:11 tonga 2.7 15:56:39 southern alaska 4.8 14:23:43 molucca sea 2.5 13:24:45 island of hawaii, hawaii> 4.4 13:16:15 xinjiang-xizang border region> 4.9 12:31:05 xinjiang-xizang border regionGetting there. Bit of death of storms list.

  14. Just don't want to go do they?The Low over the Med. looks like it is trying to play catch up. And that High over the Azores at 1040 mb with the Icelandic Low at 953 mb are loaded for something. Bear maybe?What's today's phase?16:37.Unstable and I don't know. Not as clear cut as the spell two weeks back. We'll just have to wait and see.

  15. just gone offline.It is an amateur's website kept online by the widow of the man who set it up. He died last May so I supposed it was inevitable once the finances got too much.I wish her well.Back to Germany for my British composed charts from now on then: get the latest synopsis you hit the "Fax" tab at "Bracknell". Then choose Analyse 0/6/12/18. It also offers back numbers for the 00:00 chart. That is a bit cumbersome but handy. (Hit the "Archiv" link.)Anyone know if the: is working? I can't believe that such a main Govt. site is inoperable after 24 hours.

  16. Earth Observatory

    This image from the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) on NASA’s Terra satellite shows an eruption of one of the Kamchatka volcanoes, Klyuchevskaya, on December 8, 2008. The image is made from near-infrared, red, and green light reflected by the surface and detected by ASTER.A ribbon of lava flows down the northwestern flank. A white plume trailing to the east is probably steam, perhaps mixed with ash. The dark color of the summit may mean that snow has been blanketed with rock fragments, ash, and other volcanic debris, or that heat from the eruption has melted the snow.Weather satellites make observations every 15-30 minutes but don’t see a lot of detail. They provide a “thermal alert” for a view from a higher-resolution sensor like ASTER, which sees greater detail at the surface.

    Michael Ramsay on a podcast produced for the radio program “EarthSky.”Observing Volcanoes, Satellite Thinks for ItselfDomes of DestructionNatural Hazards: Volcanoes and Earthquakes on the Earth Observatory*******From a comment on the 7th December:Originally posted by # 7. December 2008, 07:11:54:

    Vulcanism, I think. The Lows are not that low and there is only one high High.

  17. Earth Observatory

    A snow storm arrived in the Deep South of the United States in mid-December 2008.Several inches of wet snow fell across parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama on Thursday, December 11, closing schools and businesses in a part of the country where accumulating snow is a rare event.The following day, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite passed overhead and captured this natural-color image, revealing a broad swath of snow still on the ground from just north of New Orleans, Louisiana, to north of Jackson, Mississippi.Although snow did fall in New Orleans, it was no longer visible by the time MODIS captured this image. Flooding rains drenched other parts of the South, which may be why the Gulf of Mexico coast (lower right) and many rivers and lakes are brown with sediment.

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