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So how come the moon is a fractal?

It isn't.

Only insofar as the planets and satellites are fractals is it one. But the craters on the moon are fractals. They are called Pingos.

The surface of the moon is curved. That means that the trajectory of any meteorite hitting it will be from any of a number of angles over 180 degrees.

In other words you can't strike a flat board at an angle of less than zero degrees from it. And you can't strike it at an angle greater than 180 degrees. But you can strike a curved board.

You can hit the moon at over 181 degrees; or drop straight down onto it at 90 degrees.

All of these angles would kick up a groove in the moon's surface all except the perpendicular strikes. And there is only one perp. There are 360 degrees that a meteorite can strike at 89 degrees.

360 that one can hit at 88 degrees. 360 at 87 degrees. There are more than 89 angles x 360 degree angles at which the moon can be hit.

Only one at 90 degrees.

Yet most of the craters look like direct hits on the perpendicular. And here is the best bit:

If you hit the moon at a low angle it will kick up a large groove. If you hit it at an high angle and it hits sand, it will just disappear into the sand. If it hits sand at a tangent it will cut a furrow.

The moon should be covered with furrows, not craters.

The only alternative way for the creation of those craters is the method we see on the earth in cold deserts. The moon is a cold desert.

When frost expands the ground, the soil roils over. It creeps out from the source of the frost. But the residue is an hole that can fill with water and form more frost damage as the water turns to ice.

Eventually the ellipse will be wide and deep. The cause of one is the cause of the others and they should all be about the same age if the water on the moon spreads evenly beneath its surface.

There is good reason to believe there is an huge deposit on the planet as the overall mass is some 3/5ths that of earth. Also it would be in keeping with the knows massive mas disparities on the moon.


This is a fractal of triangles.

I tried to post it here but there appears to be a bug with the javascript rendering in My Photos and on this page. I will report it as a bug but until then you can get the original in the above link.

It's only to let you see what the real meaning of the term is. The pingos are not self reproducing as for example amoeba are. Nor those triangles.

A more fitting comparison would be a rash. The pingoes are caused by the one original physical motive which is the relationship the moon holds in the astrometry of the three body problem. I will go into "n" body problems in another post but for now all I am talking about is the redistribution of gravitational forces.

nd rashes.

You get an illness; that's a first cause. You get spots because of it; that is a symprom. The craters are a symptom. The fractal is the orbit of the moon. My posting the image of the planet in juxtaposition to the moon is another fractal.

The orbits of the imnner planets (of which BTW, the moon is a senior partner. It is the size of Mercury after all -near as dam is to swearing.)


4 thoughts on “Fractals.

  1. The phases of the moon depend on the distance from the sun they both are and that the moon is locked into orbit around the earth and the earth is locked into orbit arounf the combined forces of gravity of the earth and the moon.Look at a door. It is about 2 metres high -about 6 foot 6 inches. Imagine that is the distanc to the sun from earth or the moon.ON that scale the earth and moon are about the thickness of a coin apart. The ratio is 1/4 to 93 million miles. Millimetres; feet; inches -whatever.The thickness of a bicycle's ball bearing. Nothing. And the spin about each other is like rotaing that ball bearing under the sun. There is a noticeable difference in the pull but it is slight. The pull on the earth from the moon is slightly more but the pull of the earth on the moon is immense.81 times greater IIRC. So great the moon acn not rotate freely. But it does efect the way the earth moves because the earth rotates and the earth is not an even ball bearing. It has angles of incidence at which it pulls more strongly than others.But you can make small changes in a huge instrument like the earth; it is too great. By the time its inertia has made changes to align itself to the other two bodies, the other two bodies are in a different place.Discrepancies creep in. This is the three body problem.The same thing happens with the solar system. Only the problem there is tenfold. And the tenfold is tenfold as the other planets have satellites and there smaller objects such as meteorites and asteroids.They all need catering to as well.You would have to be a god to juggle that.And I will tell you something else: To be shining stars, all the other stars require systems just like the solar system. And that is how god got his spirits to start it all up overnight.24 hours of Universal Right Ascension.A day.

  2. ome greatt Fluid Mechanics links. The match one is excellent.It also links to some experimental work pictures. There is one I saw some tima ago about research into the shapes that appear in you kitchen sink when you turn on a tap.The returned forces develop sharply defined triangles or pentogrammes depending on the angle of the jet, the force of the water and the sahpe and positioning of the bowl.And of course the speed of the drain. If I still have it I'll post it. Meanwhile here are some Googled examples.

  3. I can't remember what the researchers noticed, impossible for me to follow the calculus anyway but ISR there was a tendency to form shapes that were primes. Triangles, pentogrammes and heptogrammes etc.All this from pouring water in anyone's sink in anyone's country. (As far as I know.)

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