This is gibberish to me but to an expert it is fairly useful. …

Originally posted by Will Hand:

Make the most of this. Cold Atlantic zonality is set to return this
week with loads of rain and hill snow in the south and more lowland snow in
the north. Details, as ever, are elusive but with a powerful jet coming out
of Canada and then buckling we are in the firing line for some deep lows
crossing Britain later in the week. Even more interesting is that the pool
of very cold air now established Greenland-Iceland is being drawn into the
depressions with the 528 line well south and sub -5C 850hPa close or over
UK. A very interesting week ahead for weather watchers/fanatics, not so good
if you all you want is fine settled weather. DT06Z GFS is interesting, it
won't be right in detail but shows the possibilities. Professional
forecasters will earn their money again this week

A phew paragraph spaces would have helped.

Here is what I wrote in reply:

Originally posted by me:

These four phases are a recursion as with the fog and frost of the
week before last so with this one.

As with the snow for the last spell so with the snow for the next. Or
Ice Storms in Canada.

Somebody's going to cop it.

You can make these things as simple or as complicated as you want. There is no excuse for making it sound like gibberish.


12 thoughts on “Googledegook

  1. In maths a recursion is a function of repetition. I would normally say it is the same spell or I could have said the spell will be repeated.But it has only got to be stepped slightly to one side and it produce totally different results.But there will be a surprisingly large amount of coincidenta involved. The weather pattern is like a fingerprint. It is never exactly the same.But fingerprints can be filed according to certain similarities. Loops and whorls for instance.They can look very similar. there will be small details different. And so will there be small difference in the (for example) Atlantic Chart.Storm tracks dissimilar or at different dates earthquakes in different sequences or including different places.But strikingly similar recurrences too.The degree of a High and its extent will be greater or smaller and that will have an effect on the Lows that want to get past.Actually what causes/ed the High to be different caused the Low to be different. It is nothing Laurentian or caused by butterflies with hiccoughs. It's just that the primer in the system is slightly different.You have the same with bullets.Identical rounds made in identical factories, fired from identical guns will behave more or less the same. But not exactly. Slight pressure differences slight mechanical ones different perspectives, slight temperature differences.You get the point? It's a recursion not a repetition.

  2. Professional forecasters will earn their money again this week.I haven't paid much attention to how sure the weather people are about upcoming events. But if you notice an hesitency or error then that means the quakes will be large or close together.Or there will be volcanic eruptions.Severe storms are par for the meteorological course, so they normally catch them. They take no account of quakes though. And that is where the models fall down.

  3. Opera has an earthquake widget – Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be working this morning. We've got a weatherman who says he has trouble reading the computers, and another one that is developing a speech impediment.

  4. I look at the NEIC page every day:Latest Earthquakes Magnitude 2.5 or Greater in the United States and Adjacent Areas and Magnitude 4.0 or Greater in the Rest of the World – Last 7 daysI only looked at the page that gave the quakes of 5M and over but then I found that the Mid range 4's are just as important.The problem is quantity. The smaller the magnitude the more prolific they are. And when you go below 4 the number is too high for them to list worldwide.That will have to change once the powers that be realise the impact they have on the weather or with it, rather.Maybe a system devised to flag consecutive earthquakes in the same places or pretty close. Most countries have their own geologging site. The UK's is the BGS which I rarely use for obvious reasons.We have cyclones like California has tremors.

  5. I'm wondering if HAARP has anything to do with the number of earthquakes and the weather. Anyone bent on trying to split ions in outer space when they don't know what the effects will be is absolutely off their rocker.

  6. I think that HAARP was set up to monitor noise in the upper atmosphere. The effect of nuclear bursts could be heard with their recievers. They only do or did monitoring work. I think.Ultra high r ultra low frequencies. Still if the effect I believe causes quakes is contained in storms they might be able to find it. Might even house archives that corroborate it without realising its importance.Someone that used to berate me over my idiocy in sci.geo.earthquakes was either involved in it or a biig fan of their site, so if I hadn't been nasty to him in his turn things might have gone differently.I don't have any regrets about that though. He was particularly nasty to me first. And I am rather irrascible in my turn. Perhaps if I'd been a smidgeon less spiteful he might have come around.Too late now. He doesn't bother with the group any more.

  7. I must have another look at the HAARP stuff. I'd forgotten about it. I've go no real idea what they have online. Thanks for the kick start.

  8. You're welcome, and thanks for the link on the earthquakes. I didn't realize they were so active. I'm totally clueless about them, other than that they can cause tremendous damage. I'll have to take a look at the countries in the Atlantic to see what's going on that could affect the East Coast.

  9. I'm looking through them. I am copying some stuff down but it is too much to post on a blog. And copyrighted anyway. Interesting though.I hope you are not a conspiracy theorist are you?I was swayed by a programme on the other building that collapsed a few hours after the Twin Towers. It fell in, in such a controlled way it is hard to believe it wasn't (that none of the three were) destroyed by well placed destruction charges.But I think now that the real conspiracy is in the cover up controlled by supporters of Rudy Giuliani. Apparently the committee that looked into things were charged up with praise for the man.He single handedly killed all those firemen for a start and shows no shame for the manslaughter. If he just got 2 years for each soul, he'd be in prison a long time.But he is out and making money on it. What an hideous criminal.

  10. I don't call myself one, but I do like to check thing out. I don't think it hurts to explore what's out there, and learn a few things in the process. That cover-up started when he announced there wouldn't be anymore reports televised about the towers.

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