Annoying commercials

Itz beginning to look a lot like Crizzmaazz. …

I am fed up to the back teeth with that Asda commercial with some naff schmatlsy 1950's song presenting the Hollywood version of the feast of Saturnalia. I don't wish to be accused of anti Semitism but these damned people ruin the occasion even if I was a pagan enough to enjoy the damn thing in the first place.

Most of the large supermarkets in Britain are or were run by Jewish Megalomaniacs. Tescos for instance has a ground clearing business package that they learned from Wellington. Makes me wonder what Reuter was getting out of that war.

Were the German's right?

I don't know who is behind Asda but I'd like to strangle their ad men.


3 thoughts on “Annoying commercials

  1. I had to laugh at this one:Yesterday, news of Woolworths imminent departure from the high street leaked out. Another British institution bites the dust, we all thought, how sad. Except it wasn't quite like that at Universal music. A lorry had been sent out that morning with 200,000 copies of Take That's new album to fill the shelves of all the Woolworths shops in the South East. Cue frantic phone calls to get the lorry to turn around, before the CDs got to the bankrupt chain and possibly lost forever. Finally, the driver was located and the Take That CDs were saved.Take that Woolies.

  2. Woolies has bit the dust.That's the wonder of Tescos. Snapping up the best bits for their portfolio. Cherry picking as is their wont.Into every coffer a little more gold must fall.Or not, as the case may be.At least they don't have annoying muzak for their commercials.

  3. I changed the title from infamous to annoying.I don't think there is such a thing as infamous commercials. Sort of an oxymoron. All publicity is good publicity. (If you are a dirty towel.)Anyway I have just been inspired to confess that I haven't been to see a film in more than a decade. I just can't sit through the 4th rate film before the feature (do they still bother?) and the most delusional adverts going.That and pay silly money for a box of pop corn. Why DO people go to "the pictures" I wonder?

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