Lions led by donkeys

When the truth hurts tell porkies. …

British civilians were urged to write to their sons, brothers uncles, cousins and fathers at the front line in WW 1. They were encouraged to tell the troops that things were pretty bad at home and to detail things like rationing and working conditions.

Not the sort of thing you'd want to hear when sitting in a swamp that smelt of your dead friends and that when the bombs stopped exploding you could hear the flies and rats eating them.

I suppose falling out with someone on a forum isn't quite in the same class of depravity but I have been pushing my beliefs so long now that I take it personally when a dullard confronts me over them.

I just fell out with the people on Phil Plait's BAD ASTRONOMY web site. They wanted me to explain myself and of course I wouldn't. The article I posted was sent to the outre nou forum for far out, off the wall thinking. So I expected to be left alone but of course modern science has its religious fanatics, like the rest of it.

I wasn't allowed to disagree with the theory of plate techtonics without writing all about how and why I felt that way. It was my thread starter. Anyone who wanted to disagree with my POV aught to have been placed in the same situation but no. Let them point out how scientific their theories are.

Plate tech is believed in by the masses so I must be wrong. What scientific controls did they use when they repeated the theories to reproduce their beliefs?


Well I pointed them to what I'd written here and anyone who reads it can see for themselves what I am saying WORKS.

Which is a lot more that can be said for geology, seismology and the rest of it. How many people's lives have been saved by all the worlds considerable stock of seismographs? And at what cost?

None. At plenty.


3 thoughts on “Lions led by donkeys

  1. Reading your blog, I noticed the thing that makes you get mad is that your talent hasn't been recognized yet. I thought operating mechanism in well-developed countries like UK are often based on policies that encourages talented ones? Considering moving to other places is one solution or maybe the managers just want to "test" u. Yep, we have to prove for bosses that we have the ability 🙂

  2. Nope. The status quo has its preservatives. When Weggener came up with the idea that the world is adrift on a current of soft rock he was laughed at until 50 years of mistakes got them nowhere.The with Bathymetrey mapping the ocean floors, the rest of the world threw out all their text books in the 1950's. The ijits are not going to do the same until another 50 years have passed.It's not me that is pushing it. I believe a power greater than mine reveals these things. So if it is god then it is up to him when he pulls his finger out not me. When the time is right it's up to him. Not me.If he wants better quicker he will speed it up in his own time. Meanwhile whilst the fools are running the planet the good die young. I've been looking at the GFS tonight, unsure of exactly what to make of it. I've got pictures of the moon in flight. The times of phase reflecting what's in the stars to guide me.I've never been sure of what they say, hoping to find some half forgotten words or ancient remedies. It appears to me through my angst to say: "Get it right this time, or it will swallow you. Get it right this time boy, or we will swallow you. Whole!"It takes a lot to bring these things to you. It's not something one in a billion men and more seem to want to do. I watch the rain out of America, can't see the frame nor have the time and then it just goes bad. Ah, ahha.Chasing wild geese in flight, wondering if they will go where I say, knowing how quickly things can change. Overnight. Only I know how hard it is to get it right. And I'm not even a weatherman. I am not even.. thats not what I am.. Chasing wild geese in flight, wondering if they will go where I say, knowing how quickly things can change. Wondering at… the delay.

  3. Originally posted by on2424h:

    I thought operating mechanism in well-developed countries like UK are often based on policies that encourages talented ones? Considering moving to other places is one solution…

    There is a man in Coimbatore India (whose site I have mislaid) that is able to predict earthquakes by means of a steel ladder up against his garden wall.Since the ladder is fixed into the wall it seems obvious to me that the apparatus is weather controlled but he can't see it.He thinks it is something to do with magma or some-such.Also he fails to include storms in his efforts -which is why he has so many failures. If he predicted storms in the same forecasts he would be nearly 100% correct.His job has made him move away and so his forecasts died on the vine, so to speak. So much for rewards for effort. I suppose he should try writing something on astrology to the Indian Papers, he has been mentioned in them a few times.Just found the link: is considered witchcraft in the UK by Christians, hogwash by everybody else. Newspaper columns dedicated to astrologists are usually made up on the fly.Probably by the hack covering boring court cases whilst waiting for the juicy cases to start.

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