Time’s winged chariot.

A young man I have been and now I am old …

I got into a conversation on another blog about sleazy politicians and pointed out that you'd have a job to find much worse that the people who populate the British Government. See this for example:


Earlier I had been talking to someone about saucy conversations and how you have to be glib to be witty all the time:

"You have to have a lot of free time to make clever things up. Eventually it becomes second nature though and practiced "wits" like Oscar Wilde can run them off without thinking. But that's the trouble, you don't think.

It's the sort of thing I used to do but at my age, I meet a lot of people who have made mistakes in their youth and are easily hurt. And being flippant and glib with them is shallow. Old people have to worry about so much that the young are free of.

The young can always go to their elders for help but the old can not."

The young can insult the young because the young are too shallow to be hurt by what someone clever says. When someone is suffering you hurt them with a callous remark and they get over it. Youths are resilient like that.

But despite having more wisdom and experience, the old somehow are not so able to bounce back. Or perhaps they just don't have time to be patient with fools? We have a lifetime of experience to draw on and only a few paltry hours in the day to consider our options.

When you are young, 24 hours seems like a long time. Hell, at 60, 24 months isn't that long. For some, 24 years is a lifetime but I can remember them like it was yesterday.


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