Introduction to the desktop

40 years ago today. …

You Tube demo.

The Register write up about it:

Windows could have been so much better. What is the hold up I wonder? We have the assurances from the top that a free market is the best market. What is there in that story I don't believe?

Ah yerst, it only works for public utilities in huge connurbations. The people who actually grow water, for example, would never be able to afford to have it on tap in a free market.

So in the poorer places software piracy is rife…

It's like the problem with the injuns. If the US had to give them their land back they'd all have to live in harmony with nature and walk everywhere as the injuns would have all the horses. But if you keep all their land you can…

…but that's another story.

One thought on “Introduction to the desktop

  1. I've just upgraded to Firefox 3.0.4. I couldn't be bothered doing it any earlier but just got a warning about security. I used to go on their forums quite a lot but fell out with someone over something or other and left. I don't have a password nor address there anymore, as far as I can remember.I like the idea of a free for all but when the admins on the forum get shirty I don't hang around very long.I started posting my weather stuff to the BBC's notice boards a long, long time ago and the things they used to do to your posts were unbelievable. I remember posting a poem about snow and they changed some of the words in it.Anisotropic or something. Obviously some speed queen at the Beeb wasn't as well read as they thought they were.I won't have anything that remotely sniffs like that again. Not that I am accusing Firefox personnel of doing anything like that.It's just that when things head down hill I like to git while the going's good.Ah, the good ole days. At least I know where the Hitler Youth went.

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