Several cans of worms

It has been an interesting day for the news. …

First of all the Charles De Menezes affair.

3 years ago last summer an innocent man was shot by the police on London's Underground Railway System. In a series of cock-ups the man in overall charge of the London Police Force was able to remain in office until recent Mayoral changes caught up with him.

The Coroner's Inquiry that has just ended shackled the jury from returning a vote of unlawful killing so they settled for an "Open" Verdict.

The recently not yet appointed therefore Acting head of Scotland Yard claims his men were vindicated by an open verdict.

It would seem they learned nothing. Except to appoint temporary heads when they are liable to roll. The previous incumbent vowed to stay in office long enough to ensure the police did the decent thing. (And appoint a biased Coroner?)

At the same time as the above was being aired, the Office of Statistics was releasing news about Knife Crime in Glasgow (Britain's Philadelphia.) Apparently the announcement was outrageous (for reasons that escape me.) I was still cogitating on the De Menezes stuff and the simultaneous release of news of the last of duggeried skulls in George Bush's government:

Apparently the Republican Party have decided on stymieing any dealings with the US Motor Industry. No handouts for you dot com was enacted by underhand dealings with the Car Workers Union. They wanted to meet the Auto Union leaders to ask them to take substantial pay cuts or something.

The underhandedness is apparent with the Senators (uninvolved in the industry) using skewed data in some way. And of course the usual divide and conquer gambit without the bit. Or the gam.

I'd provide links but I wouldn't want to spoil the fun nor influence you.


9 thoughts on “Several cans of worms

  1. Since writing the above, more corrupt practice has been unfolding:Gagging order on media after family tried to burst into courtStand-off as media and public refused to clear courtroomCoroner denied jury unlawful killing optionSo a link is in order: the family were trying to enter the court wearing those tee shirts pictured, then it is only natural that the coroner would bar them.The article doesn't make that clear.

  2. Of course the police are not to blame in the same way that the Govt are not to blame for the Economy being in freefall.Nobody takes responsibility for their own actions any more it is always somebody else's fault,I mean Menezes looked liked a foreigner so he was obviously to blame for getting himself shot.

  3. But he didn't look "foreign". He was caucasian by the look of him and in London of all places there is no reason to suppose any cast of skin is a terrorist marque.It's the same with the padded winter jacket he was supposed to be wearing. So many conflicting stories came out the week it happened the police chiefs aught to have resigned straight away.Why they made that up when the body had a tee shirt and denim jacket is beyond explanation.Ordinary cock-ups like the radios not working underground are understandable though no more excusable in light of the Giuliani debacle that started it all:Originally posted by WSWS:

    The reports failed to include a detailed account of the response.They explicitly ruled out assigning any responsibility or blame for the disorganization that characterized the desperate efforts by firefighters, emergency medical workers and police to rescue people from the burning buildings.Implicit in the reports’ findings, however, is the possibility that many of the more than 400 public service workers killed in the attack lost their lives unnecessarily because of a lack of effective leadership.Some may have died needlessly as a result of definite policies pursued by the administration of former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.The former Republican mayor has been lionized by the media for his actions on September 11 and in the aftermath of the attacks. He was proclaimed “person of the year” and “mayor of the world,” and received a knighthood from the Queen of England.Among the reports’ findings was the fact that an eyewitness made a phone call at 9:37 a.m. to the police emergency line reporting that one of the top floors in the South Tower of the trade center was collapsing.The call was relayed to the NYPD special operations command, but was never passed on to senior fire chiefs on the scene. At 9:59 a.m. the South Tower fell with many firefighters still inside.Police Department helicopters circling the Twin Towers reported that the North Tower, the second to fall, was glowing red on the outside, an indication that it was in danger of imminent collapse.Cops inside the building heard the warnings and most of them got out. Firefighters, who had inferior radios that were incompatible with the NYPD’s system, did not, and scores of them were killed when the skyscraper gave way.[/url]

  4. Another page on that WSWS site captures the tenet of yesterday's news:Originally posted by WSWS:

    The failure to aggressively question the ex-mayor helped solidify the growing conviction among many of the relatives who had fought for the commission’s creation that the panel’s efforts are directed not at revealing, but rather at covering up critical questions surrounding the September 11 attacks.The commission blocked any real inquiry by “cloaking everything in heroism,” Monica Gabrielle, whose husband was killed at the trade center, told the media. She described herself as “frustrated” and condemned the panel for “letting Rudy Giuliani polish his crown.”[/url]New Labour, the ex-socialist party turned Tory has never held a public enquiry that uncovered anything damaging to them. In one well publicised case the BBC was taken over by their henchmen.It has been partisan ever since. Not as bad as anything NewsCops owns but getting there

  5. It's the Yanks at the back of it all. They're touchy about being over here at Menwith, doing Europe's work for them…and try to cover up anything that comes to light that shows them up for being an amateur bunch of Keystone Cops. They'd have been watching the Brazilian's house because of other ethnics in the neighbourhood. To them, anyone who isn't Fairy Snow White and marching in lock step is fair game.

  6. I think you will find that the British Government is every bit as complicit in human rights abuse as the US is. The Uk Govt. knew everything that ws going on in detention camps and were actually examining the prisoners.We have a massive guilt for the rendition flights. And where do you think they find people who will behave like that unattended? From the ranks of the institutionalised racists perhaps?

  7. "But he didn't look "foreign". He was caucasian by the look of him and in London of all places there is no reason to suppose any cast of skin is a terrorist marque."Its called Irony Weatherlawyer

  8. Sorry, too angry to think.I remember someone posting a long time ago about the way that the US Govt had eroded his rights shortly after the Twin Tower affair. He was taking photos of the new concrete barriers around the government buildings in Washington when a policeman stopped him.Over the last few years much the same erosions of our rights have taken place in Britain. It is the government of vermin. The US at least knows that everything that happened was due to bad government and last November finally got up and stopped it.In Britain the New idiot in charge is just carrying on with business as usual. He is still going to be a sock puppet when his new master takes office. And he still going to chip away at out human rights.And nobody is going to say anything.

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