Here we go again, again.

More twinges. …

My neck/ left shoulder has begun to ache again. I suppose it means the Lows and Highs in the North Atlantic are aligned as they were on the last occasion.

Or it might be more quakes in the Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu triangle.

I'll post the Atlantic charts as I get them. I only have a few for this spell so far and I think I'll post a couple of days worth at a time this time.

Just seen this:

5.3 2008/12/13 22:37:26 -14.190 166.441 50.5 VANUATU

So that was 5.3M's worth of pain was it?…About half an hour ago at slightly under 140 degrees away what's that? 140/360ths of 2Pi r in half an hour where r = 8000/2 miles. [Edit to correct earth radius to half diameter.]

Someone check my maths but that's a speed of about 2,000 mph. [That's more like it.

Rough estimate: 2 x 3 x 4000 / 3 = 8000 in half an hour. Damn, that's impossible.
Looks like it's just the weather locally after all. WTH am I disappointed? It means the same thing and all I have to do is analyse the charts.]

(I wish I could do maths.)
Anyone know the speed of sound in ice, offhand? Ball-park figure?


30 thoughts on “Here we go again, again.

  1. I had the same thought, but according to Wikipedia the speed of sound is 767 mph.The actual speed according to your equation is about 3274 mph ;)The wave is not necessarily travelling over the surface, so the used equation may be inadequate.

  2. Any interference with your scapula recieving dish is liable to be electrical (pezo/magnetosphere) and travelling at the speed of light! Chances are it's the water/wetting effect on your tendons from the storm front that sank the SW in 4feet of flashfloods earlier.

  3. My calculation is wrong as the radius of the earth is 4000 miles. I was using the diameter. But the speed of sound through solid rock is much greater than that through air.Some materials approach 3 or 4 thousand mph IIRC. There must be tables online but I haven't got any in my bookmarks. I will have to have a root around.The pain I get is peculiar to the vicinity of the event. Sometimes it is the small of my back and sometimes it is leg cramps. There are a variety of places that seem to affect a variety of muscles.All of it far too painful for dispassionate investigation. It's something like the intensity of electrical shock but it is a different sort of pain to that.I too think it is something to do with crystals but I can't explain why it should be different crystals for different places. Or do different seismic regions resonate to different frequencies?

  4. 😀 Nope, people listen politely until I go away. If they didn't see me coming. And if you think the government would get involved in anything like that you are ingenuous.

  5. Sensitivity. In ancient religious cultures 1/10 had healing abilitiies, 1/50 priestly, shamen type abilities…it's natural. For Millenia people who had accurate indications of the future were consulted by Csars, Ceasars and Kings.. These days it's usuaully 1/10 are unemployable and if you have a hint of what's coming and don't keep your mouth shut, you get bumped off by the intelligence peoples inquisition.

  6. :sherlock: Blast! I thought this was the "can of worms" thread.I really aught to read my own posts now and again. :sherlock:

  7. There was a bloke on Usenet who used to post the most outrageous things when he stopped taking his medication.People in his area obviously pointed him out to one another and he used to think it was MI5. If you look up MI5 on Google Groups you will see what I mean.Fexn nuisance he was, -or is when he starts again. Quite funny though if you like Jerry Lewis humour. Which I don't.When the government use soldiers as police and give police the powers of the SS you know that it is going to take insurrection to get redress. For it is bound to fail and the only move such government can then make is to tighten the grip.After that it is eradicating the clerks. Removing the lawyers who are too lenient as George Bush did, that sort of thing.With Henry VIII it was getting rid of the Roman Catholics, which when you don't think about it doesn't seem that much but the only other religion didn't exist before he became England's Pontifex Maximus.It was a massive crime. Unimaginable for a civilised country.

  8. Repressive methods only work on the surface. Deep down they will cause more reaction and allow it to spread wider.I often wonder about those soldiers and policemen, after all they are about to shoot their own family and friends.Somehow I don't think it would work here.They need or use other methods.The ones of the classic conditioned mind, aka the dog's. Reward for the good boy etc …

  9. In the British Sector the powers that be signed up a load of recruits they are now fighting. The US prefer the Dan Geld method. Bribing their enemies to work for them. Looks good on paper.Either way it is a win win situation for the victors.The British and US can get out with heads held high and the Iraqis can get back to killing each other instead of us.And nobody but us will ever know any better. Of coure there is always AlJazeera. Could be nasty.Meanwhile here is a weather chart from last December: And here are the storms for that spell:Name – Number – Basin – Dates – Wind speeds in knots.Melanie 08S AUS 28 December 01 January 60 60Elnus 09S SWI 31 December 04 January 40 35Helen 10S AUS 04 January 06 January 45 50 far the one that was just a number heading for the Philippines att he end of the last spell turned 90 degrrees to due north at the start of this one. It was slated to reach 70 knots but that has since been marked down.Coincidentally there were a couple of pairs of matching quakes about that time:5.0 M. 14/12/08 09:43 lake tanganyika region, congo-tanzania5.0 M. 14/12/08 05:13 south sandwich islands region5.3 M. 13/12/08 22:37 vanuatu5.2 M. 13/12/08 19:00 seram, indonesia5.4 M. 13/12/08 08:59 western indian-antarctic ridge5.9 M. 13/12/08 08:45 western indian-antarctic ridge5.1 M. 13/12/08 08:27 greece5.1 M. 12/12/08 11:55 kermadec islands region5.1 M. 12/12/08 10:46 kermadec islands region5.9 M. 11/12/08 21:40 minahasa, sulawesi, indonesia5.1 M. 11/12/08 20:57 sunda strait, indonesia5.2 M. 11/12/08 20:55 sunda strait, indonesia

  10. North America is the place in the centre; the cross going through the North Pole runs NE to London, South along the Mississippi, SW to Fiji and North to Calcutta and the Bay of Bengal.

  11. That was from last year. The chart is similar to the last few days. Different phase though.Edit:The first (Atlantic) chart was from last year (2007.) The others are produced by the Canadian Weather service and were recent.

  12. They should be linked to the Photo albums.I was just trying to compare them myself that one with some of the ones in the comments here: seems like Blocking Lows are causing ice storms in the US. I posted they might happen but I can't find where. My problem is that once a spell is over I lose interest.I'm not an archivist or cataloguer by nature. If I can't remember it, it's gone. But even if I was interested in bragging rights, the ones hit by the storms are off line and even if they weren't, would have better things to do.Not that I forecast them, just said they would be possible.If the upper atmosphere is clean the adiabatics of weather cleanses the water vapour time and time again so that it can be supercooled without freezing.When and if that stuff falls as rain it will turn to ice as soon as it gets the chance to crystallise.For some reason over Britain that never happens. Almost never happens. n#No idea why but we almost always get snow that melts straight away. If we get snow. A rare treat that soon gets old.

  13. went awol temporarily this morning. It's up an running now but it is giving Opera problems. Firefox keeps telling me it won't reload automatically.And K-Meleon is OK with it.Must have changed sservrs or something? Not sure how that would work without changing the URL. More likely it was a satellite hook-up. If they were using a satellite that was being moved or switched it would lose images for a time.That doesn't explain why Opera won't update it though.

  14. I don't know how long Dolphin has been a typhoon, I took my eye off that ball yesterday. The last serious pair of lows was on Monday (yesterday):5.0 2008/12/15 10:33 -14.0 166.4 Vanuatu5.0 2008/12/15 09:53 -14.1 166.5 VanuatuSomething wrong with my ideas with this exception. I never noticed that the number of fronts had halved in the N Atlantic too neither. Or has it. If you look at the line of lows over Iceland, they have separated out and diverged sufficiently to be treated as completely different identities.The funny thing is that Eric Habich's site was showing the tropical as a pair of Lows until recently. So they have obviously combined. Such behaviour seems unusual as it has only been possible to see that happening with recent satellite capabilities.I feel I aught to apologise to the USA for calling their president a chimpanzee when they have been supplying all this data so generously. But I am not going to. I still want to kick his arse.But I owe almost everything I have done to the US government agencies. Much kudos to them. I don't blame anyone in any authority for not taking me seriously.I am just grateful for the free info and the invention of the internet and being close to the early days of it just far enough back to be able to trail the improvements to it nicely.Now all I need is a life.:)

  15. All change starting tomorrow, so we might see the end of those Puerto Rico tremors. There is a stream of precipitation running across the US at the moment so it might go the full spell before they peter out.Or it may have already started with mid Californian quakes taking over again. I was looking at the NASA lunar phases list earlier today to try and find a time like the next one:19th Dec @ 10:29.I wanted one at about the same time of year. There were a few from Spring and early Summer. Anyway if you look at your clock you will see (on a real clock -not one of those new fangled things) that the present spell fits:12th Dec @ 16:37.It fits quite well. So we have a run through. What I think of a singularity set up. Precipitation will be the same; if not in the same places. Temperatures too.By which I mean: Problems caused by floods (or ice say) in one set of regions for one spell will be mirrored in other regions; if not continued in the same ones.So too with those places not enjoying the temperatures of this spell. Similar problems will present themselves elsewhere.Or not, as the case may be.In fact the coming phase is closer to this one than the one I pointed out a few weeks back (27th Nov @ 16:55.)I suppose it is a matter of wait and see. If you want contemporary prognostications, look up the terms GFS, NGM and ETA Models. (You have to use the term Model in any search.)

  16. The weather changed here a couple of days back. The cold broke. I went to bed freezing the night before last and in the morning all the frost had gone.It lingered over parts of Britain with foggy places. What's thrown me is that there is nothing on the NEIC list that shows why the storms have decreased.Dolphin went up to 85 knots – a Cat 2 Typhoon. for a day or so. Just a gale now, if that. Something in the Southern Indian Ocean looks like it is going nowhere.Then again if this spell is much the same as the last it could grow on us.

  17. Amost through, now.The first two show little overall change so far. Which means we could get a severe quake when it all blows over.The last three are the Northen Hemisphere look at the High pressure that has been hanging around off the east coast of North America all through this spell.It isn't very clear on the North Atlantic charts.And I have only just noticed the purple patch in the wake of the weather running SW/NE with the green stuff.I imagine the purple is snow if the green is rain?No idea really.

  18. Damn!I swear those comments hadn't appeared when I wrote the last one. When in doubt, refresh. I must try and remember that!I'm orft.Tara.

  19. Rats I've posted the previous comments to the wrong thread.Here is a taster:

    Thursday, December 18, 2008I'd been wondering why the tropical storms died without a warning of it by pairs of quakes. It appears that the pairs of quakes follow the storms. I had know this for some years but just got lost in the plethora of twins we'd been having.Thinking about it now it seems logical that a loving god would make the warning fit the most obvious alarm signal and the unseen (and more dangerous) threat would thus be prepared for.Which begs the question:Why are the warnings so far apart from the threat?It would have been virtually useless to anyone living in Valparaiso several years ago to learn that the tropical storms on the other side of the world are a sign that severe earthquakes are pending.Mind me, they don't have any idea now even though I have been banging this particular drum for a couple of years.Thursday, December 18, 2008. Valparaiso, Chile:6.3 M. at 21:19.6.0 M. at 21 50.

    I'll sort it out tomorrow. I only got up for a wee. That was hours ago. Now I'm cold and tired.

  20. Here is a blip. The powers that be noticed that there is a pattern that appears in the radar of precipitation in tornado storms that they refer to as a comma.It is the place of the most intense activity.Look at this image of radar_over_synopsis from the unisys site: [img] try this: Which doesn't work. I think it need a .jpg: gain: I am guessing what the colours mean. I know that I aught to look it up but it seems to me that there is this same comma in the middle of it.Above the green stuff is a purple area and above that is a blue patch. I hadn't noticed the blue as it looks similar to the blue lines they use to depict "weather fronts".I presume the green is rain and suppose the purple and blue are fog and snow. I have no idea which is which. It doesn't help that the NOAA site uses different colours as markers.

  21. Oh man, I've just realised it is an ellipse. So that explains the comma. It is pressure affecting the physics of the water in the pulse. The white is cloud -presumably IR (Infra Red) images.The comma is a cyclone with the lowest points as the ellipse. So where the fog is compressed is the snow and where the compression is relaxed the snow becomes rain.It will, I suppose, sound foolish when I find out what is really going on. But it's a start. You can't understand good without bad to compare it to. And you can't make omelets without breaking eggs.Or the cliche I like best -because I make so many:The man who never made a mistake, never made anything.

  22. It's interesting stuff that I know too little of unfortunately.I'll need to get deeper into it once I get my computer back online.Good posts.

  23. I'll look up some links. I am suffering from incompetence at the moment. I have a load of badly filed charts I want to sort out to post to my album here.It's doing my nut.Here is a start:Originally posted by Patrick J. Michaels, senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute:

    Two interesting facts: The number of reported tornadoes has increased for decades while the number of deaths has dropped.What's going on is called "radar."Thanks to an awful 1953 tornado in Worcester, Massachusetts, the Weather Bureau (National Weather Service) went on a crash program to develop a national network of weather radar.Spearheaded by David Atlas and Ted Fujita, meteorologists soon learned that when the radar paints a thunderstorm that looks more like a comma than a blob, there's often a tornado buried in the curliest point.

    First published in the Orange County Register, May 18, 2003.

  24. Little did I know but it was a while ago:

    The Soufriere Hills Volcano on the Caribbean island of Montserrat remained active in late December 2008. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite captured this image of the area on December 20, 2008. In this image, the volcanic plume is most intense near the volcano, from which it blows west-southwest. Changing wind directions carry the plume southward, creating a smoky clockwise arc southwest of the volcano. In the south, the plume mixes with clouds.

    The Montserrat Volcano Observatory’s weekly report for December 12-19, 2008, described lava extrusion from the Soufriere Hill’s dome at roughly the same time as increased pulses of volcanic ash, although the two events were not necessarily occurring at the same location.

    Soufriere Hills is a stratovolcano composed of alternating layers of hardened lava, solidified ash, and rocks ejected by previous eruptions. In 1995, a series of major eruptions from this volcano eventually destroyed the island’s capital city, Plymouth. Prior to that event, a seventeenth-century eruption was the only historical eruption recorded from this volcano. The volcano experienced an explosive eruption in early December 2008, and it steadily released plumes afterwards.

    NASA images courtesy MODIS Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC. The MODIS Rapid Response Team offers daily images of this area. Caption by Michon Scott.

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