Last quarter 19th December 10:29. …

NASA Lunar Phases

The time of this phase is six hours different from its pedecessor. That makes its physical impact somewhat similar. No idea how or why.

I'm trying to put together all the similar phases to them from this year. But I saved all the charts I use in separate folders per phase so they all have much the same name and those are not much use outside their folders:
bracka5.gif for example.

Meanwhile this is a sample of something else:

Look att he number of fronts to the west of that Baltic Sea Low:
How many? Five on this chart.

5.7 M. @ 17:44:46 -2.760 139.030 Near the north coast of Papua Indonesia
5.3 M. @ 17:07:03 -31.516 -68.004 San Juan, Argentina
5.3 M. @ 15:43:09 8.914 126.542 Mindanao, Philippines
5.3 M. @ 12:22:03 36.633 142.467 Off the east coast of Honshu, Japan
5.0 M. @ 11:29:37 -32.498 -71.914 Offshore Valparaiso, Chile
5.1 M. @ 10:48:24 36.586 142.390 Off the east coast of Honshu, Japan
6.5 M. @ 10:29:22 36.603 142.356 Off the east coast of Honshu, Japan
5.1 M. @ 06:10:30 -31.150 -177.756 Kermadec Islands Region

5.4 M. @ 22:33 -9.9 160.4 Solomon Islands
5.2 M. @ 20:02 -10.0 160.5 Solomon Islands
5.0 M. @ 16:49 -33.0 -71.7 Offshore Valparaiso, Chile
5.1 M. @ 13:50 -32.5 -71.6 Offshore Valparaiso, Chile
5.7 M. @ 09:36 -32.4 -71.6 Offshore Valparaiso, Chile
5.9 M. @ 08:32 47.0 -27.3 Northern Mid-atlantic Ridge
5.0 M. @ 08:06 1.3 126.9 Molucca Sea
5.2 M. @ 07:30 -32.5 -72.0 Offshore Valparaiso, Chile
5.0 M. @ 00:35 20.3 146.3 Mariana Islands Region
5.1 M. @ 00:21 -38.3 176.1 North Island Of New Zealand

6.0 M. @ 21:50:29 -32.484 -71.670 Offshore Valparaiso, Chile
6.2 M. @ 21:19:29 -32.421 -71.561 Offshore Valparaiso, Chile

The maps on here are even more revealing, e.g.:



3 thoughts on “10:29

  1. Judging from my built in weather centre there were a few storm cells with potential for tornadoes last night and there might be one or two forming at the moment.

  2. http://my.opera.com/Weatherlawyer/albums/showpic.dml?album=658311&picture=9004539The last few days have seen the Lows that normally build between Iceland and Scotland crossing directly to the Baltic. Replacing those fronts over Russia towards the Urals every day or so.But on this map the low in the middle of the Atlantic looks deep enough to go where it pleases.Which might yet be the Baltic or the Balkans for all I know. I do know that the not very deepness (is there a word for that?) amounts to not very intense earthquakes.There again we did have a Mag. 6 Japanese one. Tokio is some 85 to 90 degrees from the Irish Sea. SoOK I don't think the balkans are in danger from an Atlantic low. (Not flooding them at least.)

  3. All quiet on the Western Front. No cells, hail or tornadoes. Unless oyu count Vancouvre Island that is….And Billy on the Eastern Front:105 KT, GUSTS 130 KThttp://satellite.ehabich.info/hurricane-watch.htm105 knots from a storm that was grounded a few hours ago.Category Three Hurricane: 96-113 knots; 111-130 mph, or 178-209 km/hr. Britain is under a pall. The pressure above is high and the high is extensive. But the sun is a distnat promise.There is a weather chart on here and the cam is showing fog.

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