In the shadow of the moon

A must watch for boys evrywhere. …

Statistic number one.

There were 3 billion people in the universe when Apollo 8 left earth. Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders were born in anothe era. 80 years ago.

Just the start of the depression.

Hitler was setting up Naziism and Britain was ruining the health of the inventor of jet engines. Actually he was still a fighter pilot in the RAF and only thinking of pressure engines as an high altitude apparatus. Something incomprehensible to his higher command who were of the pre enclosed cockpit era.

And over in the USA someone was thinking of nuclear physics as an extension of chemistry.

When they eventually ended the lunar epic, Germany was partitioned, the nuclear bomb was well known and nuclear furnaces were proliferating. Jet flight was trans continental for every working man.

And the children of the second baby boom were ready to reproduce.


One thought on “In the shadow of the moon

  1. Here's something I found on the Wikipedia:

    The Moon is essentially grey, no color; looks like plaster of Paris or sort of a grayish beach sand. We can see quite a bit of detail.The Sea of Fertility doesn't stand out as well here as it does back on Earth. There's not as much contrast between that and the surrounding craters.>>>>>>>The craters are all rounded off.<<<<<<<There's quite a few of them, some of them are newer. Many of them look like — especially the round ones — look like hit by meteorites or projectiles of some sort.???????????Langrenus is quite a huge crater; it's got a central cone to it. The walls of the crater are terraced, about six or seven different terraces on the way down.

    I should put this pieces in with another entry but I can't remember where I posted the article I wrote about meteorite trajectories.Not that that is important. I am sure you are all fartoo busy rushing off to peru se the article for clues about tides.Borne voyage:Reading that article there is an earlier paragraph that relates to our (or everybody else's, rather) concept of tidal theory. It blows it out of the water, to coin a faze.Just imagine 6 thousand million people who hate each other so much that the only time they talk about coming together in a spirit of bonhomie is Chrismass.Sick or what?If every star requires at least 9 planets in a solar system to empower it, then every solar system is capable of supporting life at its heart.In which case it is impossible that there is no life on other systems.In which case it is impossible that we have not made contact.In which case there is nothing alive out there but us.And we all want to kill people for their religion, race, politics, money or petty spite.Makes you think does it not? Am I wrong? Did you go to bed last night after wishing the world in general a very merry christmastide?And thousands of men, women and children are starving.Tell me the name of anyone on this planet that deserves your respect.Go on.Just one rich, powerful, clever or innocent man.We are a shabby lot aren't we!

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