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THE VIETNAMESE government has decided that the best way to save the world from problems is to ban bloggers from talking about subjects it does not like.

Under the new laws, bloggers are only allowed to talk about personal things and not things that may be judged to undermine national security. Boggers must not incite violence or crime, disclose state secrets, or include inaccurate information that could damage the reputation of individuals and organisations.

A copy of the regulations obtained by the Associated Press show that the rules are designed to kill off Vietnam's booming blogosphere which has been an alternative to the state-run media.

The new rules require Internet companies to report to the government every six months and provide information about bloggers. They are also expected to censor content that the government says is harmful.

The Ministry of Information and Communications also wants bloggers to use "clean, healthy Vietnamese language", which means no swearing, even when you are expressing yourself about matters that are not government related.

It can't be done.

At the moment the average person needs telephone lines to get "online" and that means Internet Suppliers. But most technology these days s capable of making use of radio connections.

So if the users require it they can find alternative feeds to the 'net. And if an inventive mind finds a market for the way that most citizens will retaliate against draconian governments, the next generation of access will bypass the would be controllers.

It isn't only Vietnam that faces restrictive practice, the United Kingdom is hell bent on it with the second most stupid government since Dieblod installed a chimpanzee in the USA.


47 thoughts on “Vietnam

  1. Internet-using management! …it s not so hard like control lines of communication here I suppose. Anyway, I don't bother much about it. Recently, there is news that Internet companies have to take control over some xxx webs or violent games since criminals that are affected by internet are highly increasing here, a story about a 14 yr-old boy killed his 5 yr-old cousin has been spreading widely which sharply shows the wrong face of the Internet. Of cos, controlling over the Internet is possible to do, but since it touches upon too many ppl's interests, it turns in2 headache matter. I will look in2 more about installing chimpanzee in U.S to understand more the topic u concern. Anyway, no matter how hard the gov try to justify toward the world about its "clean", it can not hide its true face. As long as we have our minds, we can perceive the world around us….just finishing watching Titanic movie on T.V. This is the first time seen it…the final scenes when ppl died because of being frozen made me moved to tears…20 boats around when the ship was sunk, but only one came back to save the rest 1500 ppl, and just 6 out of 1500 survived, including Rose :banana: …hehe just wanna memorize those numbers :bug:

  2. I think you have hit the nail on the head there Babs. The internet smacks of open government and the use of petty restrictions, ostensibly to thwart crime (desperately needed in that part of the world though it is) is only there to stifle true opposition to what governments do.The "chimpanzee" reference it to George Walker Bush, whose antics would have been criminally insane if he were gifted with the humanity of a fool. But all humanity has been denied him, as is the want of puppeteers everywhere.He has been widely lampooned both here in Britain and in the USA as a missing link. Proof that not only is there such a thing as evolution but that evolution could never work.And Paintress this is for you:Politically incorrect concepts

  3. A chimpanzee is more intelligent than the current president. Thank God he only has 24 more days in office. He's done enough damage. Darwin forgot to account for mistakes in the DNA.

  4. i live in vietnam, but actually, i dont care much about these. but when i finished reading this… yes, it seems hard to be done

  5. i live in vietnam, but actually, i dont care much about these. but when i finished reading this… yes, it seems hard to be done

  6. I looked at the cute blog with the kid's drawing and read all the responses. At around the age of 2, children's drawings of people ususally look like amoebas…nothing but large circles for the head and body combined, then several appendages for the arms and legs. Sometimes they lose count with the appendages and the drawings look more like spiders. Then around age 3 they graduate to stick people. It was interesting that many of the commenters said the drawing was fake and actually drawn by an adult. That's a possibility.

  7. Errrmm.. Seing as I seem to have attracted a large feminine cotterie, may one ask: can one dance?(Purely for research purposes, you understand.)

  8. I first thought:"They got the perspective just right."Financially that is. And of course it has to be a Republican artist/scam, as there is a lot of money being waved around (probably to bribe a whore to con a Dem.)No mention of chimpanzees either.Or goats.Very suspect!Pay no attention to them fatbig08, they are just trying to wind you up.Pay no attention to them fatbig08, they are just trying to wind you up.

  9. Nor have I, unless it's with my broom whilst chasing the cat out of the kitchen. Do you have photos of your dancing, Weather? ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. well… let me see… i'm now still just a teenager, so i dont care much about the politition or st my government does. but problems about invironment, pollution, some facts *** tries to hide really interests me ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† omg… i'm so clumsy… i type english and use vietnamese pronunciation ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for correcting for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Bee, I think you meant politician and environment. Other than a few grammatical mistakes, your English is very good! You should be proud of yourself. English is not the easiest language to learn! You know, Weather, if you cock your head just right, that storm looks liks a dancing rooster. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Invironment is environment, and politition is politician. Little ones, and not to worry, Bee. You are doing a fine job. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. You can get a spell checking tool from Aspell. It's not Firefox but it isn't too bad. Or you can write it in Firefox with an inline dictionary (highlights spelling mistakes, with red underlining, as you type.)I don't think it will work on some hardware. It depends on what you are using to surf.Something else you might consider is an office suite which will have a spell check in its word processor. Try "".Well it's time for me to get up. 6am. I think I'll go to bed.Goodnight all.

  15. You can get the strain from an ordinary computer if you do not sit at the desk properly. I beg you to learn to type, it is the one thing I wish I had done in school (not that we had that option for boys back then.)Both my sisters learned to type, though they went to different classes of schools. There was a very strong class system in my youth in Britain. One type of school was for future managers and for young ladies who were to marry them. A school for each sex. And one school for everyone else -who were intended to work for the managers.A clueless and stupid method of indoctrination that has long since been replaced by a much worse one.I went to a Grammar School. A school that barred girls and nose-pickers.One that relied on the ability of a random British government to select from a series of tests held over a period of one week for all children of about 10 or 11 years old, those who would fill nuclear laboratories and those who would fill shop shelves.In my youth the assumption was that world governments in their infinite wisdom knew exactly what was best at every school in its purview for every bum seated at one of its desks.Which is to say, if the random "Desk" were located at Eton they were fit to one day make those choices themselves. And presumably everyone else was free to grow chins as and when/where needed.

  16. Yes. It is is absloutely essential.Bad "posture" will cause your nerves to swell and it will be more painful and just as harmful as if your brain were to swell.You must sit properly and take frequent breaks away from the desk. Anything less will give you long lasting and painful disabilities.Be careful.A typist's course will teach you all you need to know.

  17. :faint: as i said to u… i tried my best to read it through and i just can understand very little. but i realized that u told me learn to type right, didnt u? and i my seat at the desk should be proper? ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. omg… i've just used it to translate… horrible… what kind of vietnamese is that? ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† just like what i said last night when VIETNAM scored the goal…^^ crazy!thanks anyway, maybe it doesnt work well with my languages, but other ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. actually. i dont have holiday break! no days off for x-mas, and just 1 day off for new year. i still go to skool. but last week and this week, i just need to go to the official classes. not in the evenings or st else… so… enjoy my precious time^^

  20. What he said was that boys and girls were educated in different schools, and were taught to do different things according to class/caste. What did it translate to in Vietnamese?

  21. It is late, but I am catching up on a few things, so will retire soon. Thanks for reminding me though. ๐Ÿ™‚ I need it sometimes.

  22. hihi. just dont work too hard. it's bad for ur free days are going to over. i gotta back with my ordinary life: study at skool from 6.30am ——> 11.30am. relax at home, then back skool at 1.15pm—–> 4.30pm. then i go to VUS- my english skool, 6pm——-> 9pm… then get home, do my homeworks… being a nightowl and an early-riser everyday…just so …:faint: :faint: :faint:

  23. the translation of vietnamese was awful! the text didnt make sense!thanks for translating for me :)it's too late now in ur country, right? why dont u go to the bed?

  24. I'm heading to bed now. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to go to town tomorrow and then buckle down and start studying or I'm going to be rushing to get my work in on time next week, so I'll be on a little later. Have a good evening. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. oh… anyway, u shouldnt go to bed too late. not good for ur health, ur beauty, ur stomach, ur eyes (my eyes are red and looks like pandas' ones >"<)

  26. Thinking about my prose in that last message I posed here..Innuendo is wwhat plays havoc in translator tools.There was a lot of stuff that needed dissembling in the message. Stuff not even a fluent speaker would latch onto if they lived in the US and not the UK.At my generation's level and older we used to have a single set of exams that divided all a region's children brothers from brothers friends from friensds according to how well they did at school.Which as good as consigned half the country's children to serfdom and promoted the rest to middle class futures.Of course there was no such real divide in life after leaving school but it really cut a community in half for the formative years.Clevr children were divided into girl's grammar schools and boys to the other. Those sent to the Central Schools were written off and expected to leave early to learn trades.I realise now I might have been better off with my friends. But Iwas caught in between having no real abilitiy outside a broad understanding of English.To get som sort of an idea of how things went in that generation get a book from the one before:Stalky and Co by Rudyard Kippling:> – Stalky vร  cรดng ty (Stalky and Co., 1899).So it means company. I was told Kong meant factory. Company makes more sense. I wish I was still in my wife's town, the Vietnamese friends I had there would be good congs right now.They will be old and sick by now though. I never met so many heavy chain smokers. They will all have coughs and weak chests. I must go back and see if I can find them.One day maybe.

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