Opera Community vs the rest

Re http://groups.msn.com/Weatherlore/messageboard.msnw

Originally posted by By DBabbit:

If you want to save those notes, you need to move your files – The notice at the top says, "The MSN Groups service will close in February 2009. You can move your group to Multiply, MSN’s partner for online groups."


9 thoughts on “Opera Community vs the rest

  1. Hi.I didn't want to continue this on Painter Woman's thread as it had got terribly off topic and she wasn't replying. So rather than wait for her to start a new thread I copied your post here.The reason I started on Opera was to replace my MSN group but it moved OK to its new site unattended. The problem with MSN is that they can become defunct if you son't feel like posting in a month or so.You can also lose your e-mail address the same way.When I opened an Opera Blog, I was just looking at it. But since MSN I think I have taken off with it. I stopped trying to hold it to one topic for one thing. And I got a lot of positive feedback too. Which was very unexpected and nice.But the best thing is the level of control as opposed to what Google offered on Usenet and in its blogsite. As I was restarting here Opera was making massive changes so I felt I was getting in on the ground floor all over again.What has spurred me on is the opportunity to speak to orientals as I had always wanted to reach that genius in China who can forecast earthquakes.Not there yet though. But you never know.

  2. Arthritis is what happens to me too I think.When I was 19 I was cycling to work up a steep hill on a frosty morning wearing a thick parka and fleece mittens.When I got to the top I was sweating, so decided to take the coat off. When I was well on my way down the other side I realised I should have taken the gloves off first.I was going too fast to control things when I reached the corner. Most people usually put out their hands as they fly through the air when that happens.Unfortunately, for the same reason I was flying through the air, my hands were trapped behind me.Fortunately, just at the last minute, I managed to put out my face instead.But even though I managed to scrape a lot of off before my shoulder stopped all the fun, I still managed to make enough impact to do the business.

  3. I haven't run into any Chinese in here yet, but talking to someone who can predict them – Can you imagine how many lives could be saved if that sort of predictability were put into practice as warnings – or if people would actually stop to listen to it? There are some who can predict storms due to the pressure changes in the air. I've got arthritis, and I know 3 days ahead of time when it's going to rain so I think predictions are possible.

  4. Oh, I just remembered, I have seen one young man from China on here. His name is Tim and is one of Lokutus Prime's friends. Tim is actually going to school in GB.

  5. Weather, that's awful about falling while bikeriding. I would hate to do that now and that's why I'd get one of those three wheeler bikes. I don't belong to any MSN groups but did belong to a yahoo art group. It was small and it started out well, getting to about 100 local Phoenix artists and models. Many people posted their artwork, classes were advertised, etc. Then the moderator got miffed that people weren't contributing enough or something and said he was leaving and asked if anyone else wanted to take over. No one did. He was going to put the group as a 'read only' status so I decided to take off my artwork. I also have a Windows Live blog but found it difficult as far as communicating w/ people. One good thing about it is this is where I met Scott Cumming (I_ArtMan) and he is the one who introduced me to Opera. I started to not use Windows Live much then went back to it recently and discovered it has changed dramatically. Now I'm wondering if I should just close it or, at least, take off my art work.

  6. There's a few but they have difficulty navigating out of prison. The great firewall of China they call it.A prison so big Chainey is jealous. The Chimp sould have such a cage.

  7. I was using Windows Live but quit with it, Pam. It was too complicated and no way to really personalize it. MSN locked me out of the groups I was in for some reason I've yet to figure out and I've yet to get all my images out of various other sites. Yahoo locked me out of my main email site a month ago – Still no answer from them on that, so I'm now all Opera, all the time, with static pages over on WordPress, which I WISH Opera offered!

  8. A static page is one that you click through – rather like a splash page, or welcome page for a website. The profile pages we fill out for Opera community are used as static pages, but they really aren't that customizable, and I don't think they are the best "starting off" point of a blog.

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