Regular Expressions.

How to use Find and Replace in Open Office.

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11 thoughts on “Regular Expressions.

  1. If you have a copy of Open Office and want to make a small change in the text or whatever, you can open the "Find and Replace" tool in the "Edit" menu.If you want to replace a word (as for instance you might need to if you were trying to correct a mistranslation) you just type the word you want replaced in "Find" box of the panel that opens and the replacement in the "Replace With" box.Click "Replace All" and it finds and replaces all the instances of the word in the file.However if you want to insert something that is part of the formatting, you may need regular expressions.For example; converting data from a spreadsheet to the word processor you might want to replace tabs with spaces.The expression or code for "Tab" is "t" (slash + t) so you find all the tabs and replace with a space. (You actually type a "Space" in the "Replace With" box.)See if you can get the idea from this website:

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  3. Ctrl +c: copyCtrl +v: pasteCtrl +p: printCtrl +x: cutCtrl +o: openCtrl +s: saveCtrl +z: undoCtrl +a: select all and some morethat's all i can remember from my old computer class :)yes, "bé" is vietnamese. oh. what is "debra"? u can call me that way, i like it 🙂

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