I'm bloody furious at the tits who use them.


One thought on “PDFs

  1. The idea of PDFs is to get information across as many platforms as possible to as many people as possible.Scientific and legal papers are published in them for that reason and in order to preserve a record of the original format so there is no misunderstanding of original meanings.After that the data on them should be open to changes of format. THe ideal being that the individual reader can change styles to suit his needs.Unfortunately the ownersof PDF coding are the Adobe pirates. Or should that privateers? A small distinction being that the privateers seek to break the monopolies of the pirates.The point is if you get a PDF that is so badly hung together you can not read it, you are finsished.I use Foxit Reader but Adobe has built a DRM code into their crapware that prevents some files written by people stupid and rich enough to get their crapware. (Civil servants and their like.)So I can't copy for any purpose whatsoever.

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