I wonder what motivates television companies. …

What is it about TV that makes it so appealing?

I have just been looking at the selection offered to free-view on British airwaves. It is appalling. There is nothing on that I'd surf to if TV was a computer. So what keeps the balls in the air for all these appalling channels?

Cartoons for children, much the same format for the marginally more adult, consisting of once very popular TV shows from several decades back.

And a huge number of old film and third rate US ones. Why can't we make biographies about lawyers that go home to the farm and rescue it from the clutches of developers? Yes I know that one in three UK males has been in, is or will be on their way to gaol as I write and thus amply inured to the delights of female lawyers.

Such crap, though the grist of the mills of such viewage, men in prison don't do a great deal of shopping no matter how much reason they have to watch such films.

What else is on offer? Montel Williams and Ricky Lake. What attraction do they hold for people in the UK?

OK. I'm not interested in ranting against the shows on offer.

I just wanted to write to all my admirers and see if they had any idea what it takes to motivate a television company to think about what they do for a living. Why are their products produced do you suppose?

Beside the all important sale of breakfast cereals, that is.


5 thoughts on “TV

  1. Have you ever read a book called Candide? It's an old book, fairly modern story line.About the travails of a callow youth making the best of things in the best of all possible worlds. Similar format to Gone With The Wind. The female lead is just as silly if not quite so important to the plot.Which as far as I remember isn't about much. Quite like modern TV for that matter. I wonder why we put capital letters on all the words in the title of a film.We do the same with the word "god". It's not as though we have great respect for either. In the latter's case perhaps it makes god a better swear word?But I digress.Years ago, I walked into my brother's place and caught him watching BBC's News 24.How sad is that?I watch it myself, would you believe? Snippets of news repeated every 15 to 30 minutes until something else develops. It must all be in a worthy cause, I suppose, quite what that might be eludes me.I think that I watch it in the hope that I might actually catch word of someone doing something about all the tragedies it presents.Or I did until I realised the format was just the same as it had been for Yugoslavia as it is for Palestine. And to think the Palestinians have been making the best of the best of all possibilities for them for the last 60 or 70 years…Did you notice that my brother's title isn't worthy of a capital letter? I am but not Him. Why don't we have a Television Programme about That?Or did I miss it?

  2. Never read Candide. I'm reading a Carson McCullers book at the moment.As for TV, I sometimes leave it on all day long just for background noise. The times I watch it are when there's a detective show on, like all the forensic or cold case ones. Also, there is one station that has remodeling/construction shows all day long, every day. I learned how to fix my own toilet watching that.

  3. DIY shows over here never show you how to actually DO anything; just what an house looks like before and after (which is much the same before a lot of cladding and wallpaper and a lick of paint.)And then the obligatory look of surprise on the householder's face to make our hearts all warm and mushy.And ensure they haven't learned how to do the same for themselves in about 4 or 5 years time.

  4. There is a culture of talentless celebrity on British TV.And finding jobs for superannuated childrens' shows presenters on whatever programme has an opening.The idea of getting experts in a particular field and training them to present TV shows as opposed to finding naturally photogenic material with no other ability is going to take a lot of upheaval to get off the ground.What is Mz McCullers style. her stories sound depressing. Just what I don't need.

  5. British TV needs HGTV (Home and Garden TV). There's one show called Design on a Dime where a designer comes into a person's home and, using what the homeowner already has in their home, rearranges one room. It's amazing how different the room looks once the designer has been there. The room has more flow, more color and looks better. There is another one called Mission Organization. The first time I saw it, I was glad to see that I wasn't the only person who has a problem with clutter and that some people are much worse than me. This one is quite a process for the homeowner because every single item in the room has to be taken out, including furniture, and put on three different tarps in their front yard. The tarps are labeled "Keep", "Recycle" and "Trash". There is a yard sale with the recycle and trash items then whatever is left on the 'keep' tarp, is put back in the room. Usually money is spent on containers, shelves, desks, etc. and the room is given a fresh coat of paint. Often all of these things are built on premises by the shows carpenters and the camera zooms in on whatever the carpenter is doing showing you how to use the tool. They also always emphasize wearing safety glasses. Offbeat is McCullers style. Or maybe that should be applied to her characters. They are odd characters but very real. And, yes, her stories are somewhat sad but interesting.

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