The way we were

I have been looking through the contents of an old disk and came across this entry from 14 March 2000. Quite a nasty spell for most of us. …


15th. Dec. Flash floods in N. Venezuela. Deaths are estimated in the region of 50,000 (10,000 missing and 100,000 affected). Most of the destruction was in the shantytowns on the food plain of the Caraballenda region; between towns of the Caraballenda region; between Caracas and the sea. Poor farming techniques are being blamed. Requested international aid began to arrive within a week.70% of Venezuelans live in the region of the north coast. President Chavez was already planning to relocate much of the population before this worst disaster in the country since Columbus discovered America.

New Moon Dec 7th 22:33- tendency to earthquakes

First Quarter 16th 00:54- storms

20th.Dec. The first winter weather started in Britain.

22nd/23rd- Earthquake in W. Algeria. 15 people killed in Oran. (35:43N.0:43)

Full Moon 22nd 17:33- tends to the drier side of changeable
Note the half-hour. 17:30 is half past five p.m. The day starts mid Pacific at 00:00, 17.5 hours later the sun is over 80 degrees W. of Greenwich. The moon is near 100 deg. E.

Second Quarter 29 14:07- fine. (Sun 30 deg. W. Moon
23rd. /24th. Dec. Another tradition at Christmas to go along with storms is a tanker going aground. In “Wales” this time. The 1500-ton “Blackfiar” went aground near Milford Haven about midnight. It was towed back a few hours later.

24th and 25th Dec. Residents of the coast of Sussex were warned of extra high tides likely to flood low lying areas. Exceptional low pressure moved from Ireland to Europe. High winds caused damage in Germany, France and Switzerland; there were floods in the Low Countries. Some 88 people died in France due mostly to traffic accidents, falling trees and branches. A million people in France went without electricity, many in E. Sussex did too.

26th/27th.Dec. Weather changed calm and as warm. Pressure risen. Over the bad weather spell, I did not notice any birds feeding. They are now.

28th.Dec. Some hail overnight stayed all day though sunny and calm. More of the bad weather for W. and Central Europe. So far, 68 people died in France. 2 avalanches killed 11 people in Austria, 9 in Galtur and 2 on the Italian border.

Soft weather for Denbigh as the year left. One or two gusty nights and some rain. The storms that left Venezuela for W. Europe went back there. I’ve not heard much about it this year.

2nd.Jan. 150 vehicles were involved in a motorway pile up during fog in N. Bavaria, Germany
Generators from Britain were sent to France

3rd.Jan. Winds in excess of 100 mph brought down power lines in Shetland and Orkney. 11000 homes were affected in the early hours. Power was restored to most homes by the end of the day

4th.Jan Thousands of acres of low-lying farmland in southern England have been flooded for weeks

14th.Jan. Earthquakes have struck China. Last Wednesday I noticed that the Shipping Forecast was giving inverse weather patterns. It settled down shortly after. Although I was aware of the implications, I was in a bout of depression. I would like to get on the net and pick up the stuff I need.

18th.Jan. There has been an extreme high off the coast of Western Scotland since the weekend.

21ST.Jan. The pressure dropped 15 millibars from the 140 (30.2 from 30.65 ins.) reading on my barometer (a wall ornament). While quite a strong wind blew for 24 hours (from sunset to sunrise on the 22nd. (Or have I lost a day here?)

22nd.Jan. Floods in Zaire (or was it Zambia?) threatened refugees when the banks of the Zambeze overflowed. Two (?) climbers killed in separate (?) falls in the Scottish mountains.

28th. Jan. The long spell has broken in the early hours of this morning. There has been extreme weather in North America and in Australia. In the warm Southern US there have been deep snowfalls. In Northern Queensland (?) there has been an heat wave. I am expecting to hear of earthquakes shortly but don’t know where. A windy day but warm and dry.

29th. Jan. Strong winds from last evening all through the night continue. Pressure now 990 millibars, a drop of 35 in two days.

30th. Jan. The wind died in the night. In the morning, a thick mist was replaced by rain, which soon eased. A breezy day gave way to stronger winds after dark. Warnings of dangerous winds were given for the north. A Kenyan AirBus crashed at take off in Abaidjan, Ivory Coast.

31st. Jan An Alaskan plane went into the sea en route to San Francisco 150 on board

1st. Feb. Helicopter crash in Scotland. Wet day

2nd. Feb.

4th. Feb. A windy night and day. Dry.

26th.Feb. A perfectly beautiful spell that ran from the first snow of the year, ended today (shortly after 9pm) with strong winds. They moderated a few hours later. The phase changed to 25% illumination. Check this. The quarter moon was not until about six or seven hours later!

27th Feb. Windy and rainy. Not unpleasant out of the incessant rain.

28th.Feb. The weather has changed again to a bright day so far. The moon will be at 37.5% illumination at around noon today.

1-14th.March. This has been unseasonally warm pleasant weather. Mozambique and Madagascar have suffered two nasty typhoons and extreme monsoon wet weather. Floods have devastated the area.


I don't know how much I knew I was in the dark in those days. Did I think I knew it all?

I doubt it.
But I wouldn't put it past me.

People who are sure of themselves see everything in black and white, even when they are wrong. It leads to massive highs when things go right but absolute depression when things go wrong.

How could I be such an ignorand dolt as to write this:
"New Moon Dec 7th 22:33- tendency to earthquakes"

Because… I actually thought that was the truth.


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  1. I'm stymied from taking this further as the Met Office in its wisdom has removed the charts of tropical cyclones that I want. Insipid as it wwas it was of some use.(It failed to give dates of wind strengths.)So that was a waste pf time for you and me both.Sorry.

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