When the past promised the present we were unaware what future there was to it. And we should have been more sceptical. …

Behold Wm Gates I:

Rewarded by British management in a manner to suit his needs the rest of the country pressed on without the direct input of Thomas Harold Flowers, MBE.

And so we got nuclear weapons as befits a broken empire flooded from the neck up with duds.

After nuclear weapons the government concentrated on giving us cheap natural gas instead of the free nuclear power we had been promised. Then William Gates III invented computers. (Yes I know it was really IBM that invented computers but they only wanted 5 of them.)

So now we are all enraptured by the ability of CPUs to breed at the rate of doubled capacity every so many whatevers. A capacity long since passed any needed ability. What we need now is a place to send all this information and the transportation to suit.

We in Britain are still using telephone lines that were in place when young Tommy was eating bread and dripping at the table of a bricklayer. (Not that I am complaining. It's just that with so many out of work and even more east Europeans unwilling to deny them employment, now would be a good time to invest in things like new pipes.)


One thought on “Convergence

  1. So what was the British government investing in when the space age finally began to give ground to computers?Coal mines and motor cars. Which left the field clear for Ms Thatcher to introduce Yuppies and Punk Rock.And Tory B Liar?Quite frankly, after the investments on Iraqi oil fields I can't think what Nu Labour has invested in. And to be fair to the original Tory party, Margaret Thatcher's lot never invested in modern culture past what they gave the Saachis.

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