11 Jan 03:27
18 Jan 02:46 …

This spell runs from the 11th to the 18th of January (2009) according to the times of the lunar phases given by Fred Espenak of NASA: http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/phase/phases2001.html.

In some places the tidal values imparted by the moon amounts to something like 30 or so deviations from a simple centripetal force or reaction. In others it is over 50. If the tidal representations presented to the general public by most physics text books were anywhere near correct there would only be 1.

These corrections are called algorithms. An algorithm is a simple mathematical procedure (made up of several complex ones) that adds, subtracts, multiplies and or divides the sum of all parts one after the other.

What you are never told is that there are references in those parts that depend on the right choice of variables that are objective. (Which amounts to the phrase: "Let the reader use discernment.") Things like the notion of time can't be black and white the way we look at a clock.

If the astronomer is setting the clock from the position of the earth, the position of the clock can not be used to set the earth, can it?

It's complex.

I am a black and white man.
I only see what I want to see and only believe what I want to believe. I do wish I was normal. If I was normal, I could just let other people sort these things out. And forget about them.

But having this "gift"; this illness, I can't leave this stuff alone. It is compulsive. An addiction.


No more apologies and no further explanations about anything. If I am right I am right; if wrong, desert me.

The time of this phase produces in Britain, thundery weather. Markedly so if it is nearer three o'clock. It falls into instability on the half hour. And looking at the Atlantic chart, that idea is spot on at the moment.

What happens generally in these times (03:00; 09:00; 15:00 and 21:00) is that flash flooding tends to occur. This is because the clouds build up to very high columns between marked frontal weather. The clouds are the picture book thunderclouds. With the phase being 3:30 not 3:00, the thunder heads won't form so markedly.

But the precipitation might. It's bright weather from all the refraction from -and reflection off, the clouds. Completely different from the cold overcast we have been seeing lately. The complete opposite in fact.

Thus the differences in the geometrically similar phases separated by 3 hourly divisions.


Your mileage will vary:

Issued by the National Weather Service
Sacramento, Ca
5:42 pm PST, Sat., Jan. 10, 2009

… Unseasonably warm and dry weather over the interior of northern California continues into next week…

Very strong high pressure will dominate the weather over the interior of northern California and will continue the unseasonably warm and dry weather conditions over the area through the middle of the week.
High temperatures are expected to reach into the 60s to mid 70s in parts of the central valley and surrounding foothills… and into the 40s to low 60s in the mountains for much of the week ahead.
These temperatures may possibly be warm enough to approach or establish new record high temperatures at some locations.

It will not be unusual for foothill locations to be warmer than the central valley locations for the next couple of days due to a strong temperature inversion where temperatures are warming with height. In this weather pattern the air temperature is actually warming with height up to around 4000 feet and then begins to cool.

Northerly winds will blow at times and limit the areal coverage of fog in the central valley.

The strong ridge of high pressure has deflected the jet stream and the storm track well northward into the Pacific north-west. Thus dry weather will continue over northern California despite this month normally being the wettest month of the year.

The list below includes the record high temperatures for the week ahead at various locations.

Location. Date Jan 11 Jan 12 Jan 13 Jan 14 Jan 15 Jan 16

Redding…… . 74… 73… 76… 76… 76… 74
Red Bluff…… 71… 73… 72… 73… 74… 76
Sacramento….. 67… 69… 65… 65… 67… 68
Sac Executive.. 67… 67… 64… 63… 67… 67
Stockton……. 67… 67… 69… 65… 65… 67
Modesto…….. 69… 71… 67… 66… 65… 71
Blue Canyon…. 63… 59… 64… 63… 67… 67
Paradise……. 67… 77… 70… 70… 70… 68
Grass Valley… 70… 75… 68… 72… 74… 69

Good Luck.


I don't know if I can post the right chart. I don't think Opera offers a sparkling tool for that particular requirement. But the Canadian Northern Hemisphere charts have been showing a remarkable Low reaching up from the Atlantic to the North Pole.

In the last couple of phase, if I remember correctly, it was the Highs that dominated the pole. You an find the complete list of them from the fifth to the 13th (so far) in the picture album of the same name.

Here we go:


12 thoughts on “03:27

  1. I went to an observatory one holiday and they were having an exhibition for children. One of the demonstartions was a simple office chair and a wheel on an axle.You got the wheel spinning as you sat in the chair. When the wheel was canted over the chair twisted on its pedestal, cant the wheel the other way and the chair rotatated in the opposite dircetion.It's a phenomenon that is easier to demonstrate than to explain.

  2. 23:06 McIntosh Washington Alabama 31.27 N. 88.03 W. Law ENFORCEMENT DISPATCHER REPORTED A TORNADO IN MCINTOSH ALABAMA. (MOB)http://www.spc.noaa.gov/climo/reports/090110_rpts.htmlAnother tropical storm too though it has already gone ashore (in N Australia.)Funny how it is all kicking off at the start of a completely different run of spells, is it not?I will let you into a secret: It's even funnier.Do you know how the moon came to be, where it is and why?I defy you to come up with a scenario, real or imagined, in which it is possible. Pick any of the present theories or, if you prefer, one of the more old fashioned ones.If it wasn't put there at the same time as the earth, it never happened. I'll let you think about it.

  3. It had already gone before these appeared:2009/01/13Mag 4.8. @ 21:59. Mariana Isalnds.Mag 4.6. @ 20:16. Mariana Isalnds.Mag 4.6. @ 20:04. Mariana Isalnds.Mag 5.0. @ 18:46. Mariana Isalnds.Mag 4.7. @ 16:39. Mariana Isalnds.Mag 4.7. @ 16:32. Mariana Isalnds.But it is nice to be vindictive.(It would be even nicer if I caould spell "Islands".)

  4. These look very similar but on the consecutive loops you can see that the source of the first stuff that precipitates over the eastern states, the source is the Noerth Western coast of North America and for the second chart it is Mexico:

  5. My files are a mess again, so I can't see what I need to on the charts I posted. What a PITA to get them straightened.As far as the ones I have posted, they all show that the North Pole is covered by low pressure at sea level.Since there has been a change of spell this means the lack of change indicates some devastation is imminent.So keep a look out for difficulties with reality and forecasts in the weather slots wherever you live.If the weather forecast is spot on and the presenter is confidant, then the phenomenon will be a super cyclone.If the presenter lacks confidence and/or the forecast is inaccurate, then the problem is going to be a server shaker -maybe volcanic. Stuff that international and national models will not be programmed to take account of.My shoulder is giving me problems once more. So look out Tonga. The weather is about 3 hours out of synch so that means whatever occurs will have the severity of an F2 on the Saffir Simpson scale. Thats at least a 7.3 Mag quake.There is nothing on the weather forecasts nor the Atlantic charts indicating a severe earthquake, so look out for a super typhoon in the Indian and/or South Pacific Oceans.

  6. From a Usenet group:> > >> It is quite remarkable as you say, Richard. Presumably the development> >> is sensitive to fairly small changes in the upper pattern out around> >> 30-40W on Monday. Either way all the ingredients now seem to be in> >> place so I wouldn't be surprised if we see something similar again on> >> the model output over the next day or two.> > >I've not seen anything like that before. 4 models all clambering on board> >for a damaging low and then in the next run – well – nothing particularly> >noticeable. Clearly they all must have picked up on some nuance in the> >initial conditions and run with it, only for extra information scrap it.> >But remarkable to see all 4 "fall for it". For all we know it'll be back> >again tomorrow morning !!> > Butterflies. ;)EarthquakesMag 7.3 and over. Or pairs of 6.8s. High Highs and high Lows = volcanic stuff but we'll have to wait for a week before the Smithsonian gives it's partial roundup. It's too late for this week's product:Originally posted by Smithsonian:

    7 January-13 January 2009New Activity/Unrest: | Rabaul, New Britain | Shishaldin, Fox Islands | Soufrière Hills, Montserrat | Tungurahua, Ecuador | Yasur, Vanuatu (SW Pacific) Ongoing Activity: | Barren Island, Andaman Is | Batu Tara, Komba Island (Indonesia) | Chaitén, Southern Chile | Dukono, Halmahera | Etna, Sicily (Italy) | Fuego, Guatemala | Karymsky, Eastern Kamchatka | Kilauea, Hawaii (USA) | Kliuchevskoi, Central Kamchatka (Russia) | Llaima, Central Chile | Sakura-jima, Kyushu | Shiveluch, Central Kamchatka (Russia) | Suwanose-jima, Ryukyu Islands (Japan) | Ubinas, Perú This page is updated on Wednesdays, please see the GVP Home Page for news of the latest significant activity.

    But there is nothing to stop you looking up the individual sites of manned observatories for the latest reports:http://www.volcano.si.edu/reports/usgs/index.cfm?wvarweek=20090107

  7. There is a fairly deep low about 10 degree west of Ireland. 964 mb. Interesting enough for me to hang on until the charts update at 3am.They haven't updated yet and I am ready for my bed.Nothing on the tropical storm watcher's pages. So it has to be a quake.If the depth of the Low is anything to go by it will be a 6.5 to 6.8 -mabe two of them althought there are not enough occluded fronts for me to guess.I can guess where it might strike though:Japan.*******Here's one of them:2009/01/156.8 M. @ 07:27. 22.4 South; 170.6 East. SE of Loyalty Isles.*******Or not, as the case may be:2009/01/155.4 M. @ 13:03. 22.6 South. 170.5 East. SE of the Loyalty Ises.And this will have been the pain in the shoulder:2009/01/155.6 M. @ 16:15. 10.5 South. 161.3 East. Solomon Isles.

  8. Two deep lows east of the British Isles. One on our side of the Mid Atlantic Ridge, one on the other.If they play catch-up there will be hell to pay. But if I remember correctly the one on the eastern side could well go backwards and start all over again playing silly-buggers with the whole ethos of their behaviour.Which it did last spring IIRC.

  9. I think the now deep Lows on the east of the Atlantic will not crossover and do the damage it could. They seem to be holding as "standing waves" the spell changes by some 3/4 of an our in a coupe of days or so.By then they will be heading up the Denmark Straight or somewhere harmless. (Maybe.)At the moment the earthquakes striking Japan are not severe ones. And the same is true for California for what that is worth.(The weather has to be crossing the beaches either way on more than one region's coastline before the US ones increase twofold.)But the point is that THEY ARE reaching Japan, among other places. Storms crossing to the British Isles (Ireland included) are related to the Japanese quakes – which as it happens is some 80 degrees distant. (90 or so from the centre -at the moment.)Which, incidentally is about the same distance as we are from California.In case anyone thinks I like playing god; I don't! (But I am learning a lot about myself. I think I know why geniuses do their best work in their 20's to 40's. (It's the amount of introspection quotient.) Not that I am a genius, not by any means.)

  10. 2009/01/157.4 M. @ 17:50. 46.9 North. 155.2 East in what I believe to have been Japan at one time, just east of the Kuril Islands."But will they listen?" I ask yourself.

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